What’s New for MC Club Members? Check it out right now!  

Backlot City’s contents are leaking into the streets of Los Santos. Do you want to get the best properties to purchase by getting huge discounts or want to earn money this week? Check out everything in this post and be one of the rich players in GTA Online.

The core concept of The Vespucci Job is the same as it was in the original — a Runner collects checkpoints while an Interceptor team tries to take them down by any means necessary. The diminutive Issi Classic is replaced in these new adaptations by a variety of iconic vehicles – including classic sports cars, motorcycles, and customized muscle cars. So, join the Club to receive a variety of perks.

This week, all participants who try out this new take on a classic mode will receive 2X GTA$ and RP. 

Double Rewards and MC Club Bonuses 

Join your Motorcycle Club and reap the benefits of assisting and abetting illegal activities. Completing Clubhouse Contracts, competing against rival factions in MC Work, and taking part in competitive MC Challenges all payout 2X GTA$ and RP all week. 

2X GTA$ and RP for VIP/CEO work, as well as 2-fold salaries for Associates and Secret service 

By completing VIP/CEO Work, criminal overlords and their cohorts stand to profit twice as much in GTA$ and RP. Bodyguards and Associates, on the other hand, can expect to be paid twice as much for their services. 

Bunker Series 2X GTA$ and RP 

This week, go underground and revisit a variety of subterranean competitive modes in the Bunker Series, which awards 2X GTA$ and RP. 

Truck Off 2X GTA$ and RP 

The game begins as soon as the Transporters take the wheel in the Terminal’s industrial area. Whether or not the truck arrives at its destination, both teams receive Double Rewards this week. 

Guide to All GTA Online Treasure Hunt Locations

Mobile Operations: 2X GTA$ and RP 

Use the touchscreen in your Mobile Operations Center’s Command Center to demonstrate your abilities behind the wheel of a fleet of weaponized vehicles. Through June 1, assisting Agent 14 on Mobile Operations missions will earn you Double Rewards. 

On the Diamond Casino Podium: The Revolt of the Overmacht 

After cooling off in the rooftop pool, head to The Diamond Casino & Resort’s lobby and spin the Lucky Wheel. The Übermacht Revolter, a polite sedan with weaponization capabilities, is this week’s top prize. 


The normal warehouse and the vehicle warehouse are available for sale. If you want to purchase these properties then you should participate in this sale. This sale will allow you to get a 30% of discount on these properties.  

These are huge offers that I have written about in this post. Read everything in this post so that you don’t need to face any sort of hassle while purchasing any property in this event.

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