PME Event Wake Up – Learn about this PC System

PME Event Wake Up is like a power manager which controls how your system shuts down or when your system will startup. PME Event Wake Up is like a program you can use to turn your computer itself on.

If you also think about how your computer is automatically on and off, you can use this system or this feature of the computer system. So, in this article, we provide you with complete information about and get all answers to PME Event Wake Up, so stick with this article until the end.

PME Event Wake Up

PME Event Wake Up

As I said earlier, PME Event Wake Up is a computer feature or special system that automatically helps you on and off your computer. By enabling or disabling this system, you can allow the power manager to control or not to control the shutdown and start-up process.

In this system, some settings allow energy-saver features to activate the computer power manager, which wakes the computer from an off state. Another way to understand this system, you can go on a trip for a month in a power-off state, and call into your external modem would turn your computer on this will allow you to network with it remotely.

In other words, PME Event Wake Up is short of a power management event. When you see your computer or laptop suddenly on in the middle of the night, then this system is the actual culprit, and this also referred to as Wake on LAN (WoL), network activity or stray electrical signal tells your PC to fire up, if you have this setting enabled.

PME Event Wake Up is one of the important features of a computer that you can use to automatically shut down and start your computer. So, if you want to keep your PC off after some time and want to start it automatically, you can enable this feature from the setting of your computer.

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Power on by Ring

This is another important feature exactly like Event Wake Up; when you enable this setting, it tells the PC to turn itself on when a call comes in through a phone line connected to the modem.

Resume by Alarm

This is another basic and important feature that specifies a month and date for PC and automatically turns on. This system works exactly like PME Event Wake Up, and this system also helps wake up your computer. This system is mostly used in business where computers need to run automatically when employees start their work every morning. So, you might see this center labeled Resume by RTC (Real Time Clock) Alarm. 


If you read this article until the end, I think you understand PME Event Wake Up; this is one of the basic systems or features of computer which you can use in your PC, anytime and also use any of the other features which given above. So, if you think this article provides you with complete information about PME Event Wake Up, then do not forget to share this article and if possible, then leave your valuable comment below.