A Portable Version of GTA 5 is showcased by Steam Deck!

Yesterday saw the launch of Valve’s long-awaited handheld console, the Steam Deck, and GTA fans are already using it to play GTA 5. The fact that the game appears to operate fluidly at 60 frames per second shows how well-optimized it is for the system. 

Steam Deck

On February 25, 2022, The Steam Deck officially debuted in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. The majority of games in the Steam Library may be played on the console, but those that have been specially designed for it perform better. 

With no hiccups and an astounding 60 frames per second, Steam Deck runs GTA 5


Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available for play on Steam Deck, Valve’s newest mobile gaming platform. The console obtains by several users, who have shared recordings of it being utilized to play a variety of games. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 and Max Payne 3 from Rockstar Games appear to optimize for the platform. The game can operate without latency or stuttering when several settings are set to high. Players won’t experience any significant drops; merely the occasional one. 

GTA 5 maintains a frame rate of 58–60 in a gameplay video by PC-Gaming. This suggests that Grand Theft Auto 5 users will enjoy playing while on the road. This might also result in more gamers actively playing Grand Theft Auto Online. 

Rockstar just introduced Steam Deck compatibility to the game, as revealed by data miners. SteamDB, an unofficial database that keeps track of all information about modifications in the Steam Library, provided this information. The fluid gameplay video on YouTube provides more evidence that this is the case. 

Some more positive information: games from The Deck 

Despite the shortcomings I discovered during my testing, I was able to fully test the Deck’s capabilities with a few well-known games. Control, Ars Technica’s 2019 Game of the Year, achieved the greatest results.

Control famously debuted as an exclusive on another launcher before coming on Steam a year later. Two years later, Remedy’s popular game has become a must-have action-adventure title on the Steam Deck. 

Despite not being able to use the ray-tracing features offered by more powerful graphics cards. Control’s Deck edition can still run with almost every other visual preset at or near-maximum values while easily achieving 30 frames per second. At that point, you can choose to either accept slightly jerky frame rates (between 35 and 42 fps).

You can cap the frame rate at 30, which in our situation works well. You’ll probably get a smoother experience with a lower. The locked frame rate on the Deck doesn’t have a variable refresh rate (VRR). 

The Valve Corporation and AMD collaborated to develop the portable gaming computer known as the Stream Deck. The Stream Deck can play as a handheld system or hooked up to a monitor or television, just like the Nintendo Switch. According to Valve, the system is future-proof, so it will be able to run several additional titles in the years to come. 

It is a portable, console-like computer that runs on the x86 64 architecture and can play any game in the Steam library. The Proton compatibility layer, a Linux-based technology, allows users to play Windows PC games, as well. By making software changes to the device, users will also be able to run non-Steam apps, including games and applications.

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