PS4 Error SU-42118-6

PS4 Error SU-42118-6

A few days ago Sony rolled out the updated firmware 7.50 for PlayStation 4, a small patch that according to the notes was nothing more than the usual “improves system performance” Shirk. Since then there have been several reports of updated braking consoles, particularly being stuck in a loop while booting.

PS4 Error SU-42118-6
PS4 Error SU-42118-6

“I have been trying all day to know what it is because my PS4 has no problem until this update is updated. I have tried everything I can think of all the way up to factory resetting my PS4 and still have not managed to get the error to go away, ”said a reddit poster .

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Others are reporting that the update seems to stop the Blu-ray drive from working, “I also have this code – the ps4 was working fine, I was kicked to update .. installed Cried to do but apparently my blu ray disc is not working and now I have a ps4 that does not connect online, ”reads another post on Reddit.

Error code SU-42118-6, which refers to a failed update, and CE-34788-0, which occurs when an attempt has been made to update with USB. Unfortunately due to current circumstances people with non-functioning consoles have no way to fix this. A Reddit user contacted Sony to try and resolve the problem and received the following message.

To resolve this you can visit our website, please also know that PlayStation repair facility is currently closed to American consumers. Although we are sympathetic to our consumers, there is no estimate of when the repair facility will resume.

If your PS4 is stuck then you can try to update it manually by downloading it from this link and then following these instructions. To keep the console in safe mode first, you can press and hold the power button for at least ten seconds.

We should mention that most people installed the update with no problems, so it does not become a widespread issue.

Other new features included in the update are as follows.

  • You can now choose 720p when you broadcast using Nikonico Live. This service is only available in some countries and regions.
  • Now you can change the button assignment to perform an “enter” operation from button to button. Select (Settings)> [System], and then select the checkbox for [EnterButton for Enter]. This option is only available for specific countries and regions.
  • We hope that Sony Interactive Entertainment is aware of the above problems and provides a fix before PlayStation 5 arrives.