Steps to Install PUBG Global Version – Mobile 1.5 Version

PUBG Global Version

For the users waiting for the PUBG Global Version 1.5 version is available with update on the game servers. The new update in the global version allows the players to try out all of the new features.

The update is available for Android users via the Google Play Store or an APK file.

The latest edition of PUBG has been labelled as Ignition, was recently published in conjunction with Tesla. The users can now be able to see some of the Tesla Gigafactory locations in this PUBG map after updating the Erangel map.

By downloading the PUBG 1.5 Upgrade files from the URLs provided below, you will be able to update your PUBG game. THe update will let you explore the features in the game.

Tutorial to Update PUBG Global Version Mobile 1.5 Using Google Play Store and APK file.

Play Store is a place where you can download and install games from all the big titles and game franchise.

Players can get the PUBG Global Version Mobile 1.5 update from the Google Play Store by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and type PUBG Mobile into the search bar.

Step 2: On the PUBG Mobile page, players will notice an update button. To install the most recent update of the published game, click this button.

Installing PUBG Global Version 1.5 Through APK (Android Package)

On the official PUBG Mobile website, there are two separate APK files for the 1.5 update. Click the link.

The APK file for the regular edition of PUBG Mobile is as follows: To get the file (1 GB), click.

PUBG Mobile APK file at a smaller/compact size: To get the file (687 MB), click.

The game resource packs must be downloaded in the game by players who choose the compact version of the APK file. If they choose the standard version of the file, the players will not be required to do so.

User choosing the compact version of the APK file must download the resource packs available in-game. It is a default option for the users downloading the standard version of the file.

Players may get the PUBG Global Version Mobile 1.5 update by visiting the game’s official website and downloading the APK file:

Step 1: Using the links provided above, players must download one of the APK files.

Step 2: Users should then go into the settings and activate the Install from Unknown Source option, and then install the file.

Step 3: When the file is installed, gamers should launch PUBG Mobile and sign in to their accounts to check all the updated features.

Players shall redo the download and installation and repeat the above steps and proceed with the installation if a parsing issue occurs during installation.

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