PUBG Mobile New Update Release 0.15.0 On October 16- New Survive Till Dawn Halloween Mode.

There is a great piece of news to all the fans and players of PUBG Mobile that PUBG is planning to release its new update on the up and coming 16th of October, 2021. 

This new update will come along with new features like shooting guns, all new payload mode and Survive Till Dawn Halloween Mode. Today in this article, we will describe to you all the latest Halloween mode features and specifications in brief. 

PUBG Mobile New Update Release 0.15.0 On October 16- New Survive Till Dawn Halloween Mode.
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For the betterment of game graphics and interface still, game developers stay put this mode on testing and according to an official source of a report the release date will vary from the midst of 10 October to 16 October. Before the final testing result arrive all the server goes down to October 15. 

What will be the exact date of the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0  new update release?

According to the PUBG Mobile developer, Tencent games revealed the new update release of 0.15.0 next week and will live till 16th of October, 2021. This will be counted as one of the great updates for PUBG Mobile players in the form of advanced weapons and shooting guns. 

PUBG Mobile version zero.15.0 can install a new Payload mode that will allow players to catch an eggbeater and allow them to fight enemies in the air. there is a fellow memory feature that can allow players to retrieve the ID cards of their dead partners and resurrect them at the Communication Tower.

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 To begin with, there is a square measuring new weapons with PUBG Mobile update, as well as RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 bomb launcher, MGL bomb launcher and Mini-gun. In addition, players will currently make an airstrike decision and repair and damage their car with the Vehicles Repair Pack.

In addition to the Payload mode, the PUBG Mobile zero.15.0 update jointly brings the modified container, colours, and backgrounds Surviving until dawn, with the exception of “Halloween” monsters in Hallowe’en mode. Players can earn rewards if they defeat a vicious person who replaces the Team, which can be added to factories and abandoned houses. Also, with the revival of PUBG Mobile killing zombies offers special bio-warfare instrumentation tools that work against various Zombies and players.

PUBG Mobile is an online battleground royale game that becomes one of the most playing games ever in history. According to its graphics and features, this game does not attract children but also played by a majority of youths.  

Moreover, PUBG Mobile latest update of Survive Till Dawn Halloween mode consists of a unique background object.  The PUBG Mobile zero.15.0 version update additionally brings a modified box, colour, and backgrounds of Survival to Dawn, with the exception of the “Halloween” monsters in Hallowe’en Mode. 

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Players can reap rewards if they defeat a new hostile team, which can be very much in the industry and in abandoned houses. Also, with the PUBG Mobile update killing zombies special bio-warfare instrumentation grants work against Zombies and other players.

So now players who are fond of PUBG Mobile can install this new Survive Halloween that improves the performance and graphics of the game.

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