PUBG Mobile Update – Payload 2.0

PUBG Mobile Update
PUBG Mobile Update

When Tencent offers us PUBG mobile updates, you know it’s going to be a big one. However, keeping an eye on these updates and what they contain is not a walk in the park. So we are helping you with the regularly updated PUBG Mobile Guide.

Our PUBG Mobile Update Guide will list recent major changes in chronological order, so you can look back and see what has been added. We’re here at Pocket Tactics, we like to look back more often than we look back, so we’ll keep the list of updates nice and slim because we don’t want to distract you from the changes made to PUBG Mobile last year.

If you are a PUBG Mobile fan, be sure to keep an eye on our PUBG Mobile Redeem and PUBG Mobile Regulatory Guide. Anyway, without any further build, let’s get to the most recent PUBG mobile update. We recommend bookmarking this page because we will update it regularly when we make a new update to talk about.

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Here is the latest PUBG mobile update:

Payload 2.0 Coming to PUBG Mobile

As reported by the official PUBG mobile Twitter account, Payload Battle is returning to Royal Shooter. Payload 2.0 sees players equip themselves with heavy weapons, and engage helicopters in battle, as well as other combat vehicles. The trailer above also looks like we’re getting a UAV to drop the payload on a host of opponents, and a four-barreled rocket launcher.

We do not know when the new mode is coming to PUBG Mobile, but the original payload is launched in October 2019, so a release to celebrate the anniversary this year will mean a lot.


A collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the band Blackpink is currently live in the game. You can earn new outfits and profits, as well as a chance to win a signed copy of the latest Blackpink album. The event will run from 24 September to 8 October.

Also, PUBG Mobile Plane and Airdrops will feature Blackpink branding from October 2 to November 2, so keep that game in mind.

For more information, see the PUBG Mobile official site.

PUBG Mobile’s Royal Pass Season 15 ‘Beyond ACE’ is available now

PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass season 15 has now arrived, hosting a new award. By enrolling in the latest season titled ‘Ing Beyond ACE’, you’ll have the chance to work through a series of difficult challenges and earn a lot of themed items. There are eight new costumes in total, as well as gear skins and even some brand-new classic costumes.

In addition, the game’s rewards and UI have received some minor upgrades. The bookmark has been moved, and now you can easily browse for any level and unconfirmed prize. You will be able to purchase your voucher directly from the voucher window. Also, any RP points you earn between seasons will be automatically switched to simple point cards.

Finally, some minor upgrades have been made to the game’s subscription options:

  • Additional notifications have been added, which aid the process of redeeming your RP points
  • Monthly price statement and a new RP subscription video have landed
  • You can now redeem your Plus subscription prize for three 300UC vouchers, as opposed to a single 900UC voucher

PUBG Mobile New Era – Version 1.0 Patch Notes

In case you missed it, Tencent recently announced PUBG Mobile 1.0, titled ‘A new era’. The update attempts to bring PUBG Mobile back to the headlines, including graphical improvements, a new UI, and lighting changes. It will launch on September 8, and you can see the full list of changes by reading the patch notes below:

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New Erangal

  • Updated sky, land, water and vegetation
  • Building changes
  • Large resource point change
  • Mylta Power: Remodel with new building layout
  • Quarry: Improved texture, adjusted building layout and seven new warehouses
  • Prison: adjusted terrain, additional walls, new building layout
  • Added trenches, wooden fences, abandoned tanks and construction
  • Adjusted the structure of some urban areas
  • Some buildings now have basements

Live correction:

  • New weapon: M1014 is a semi-automatic shotgun with seven rounds
  • Improved rock, water and waterfall design
  • Less benefits of scaffolding in front of a waterfall
  • The depth of water above the waterfall increased
  • The larger boat is replaced by a speedboat, which refreshes, and can be used in narrow waterways
  • Slight changes in supply drops
  • Adjusted grass distribution
  • The monster truck is stabilizing and the tree is missing glitches

Beyond ACE:

  • Mysterious energy towers reside in Erangel.
  • Players can redeem supplies from these towers by meeting certain conditions in battle
  • Players have the chance to enter this mode during Arrangel matchmaking in Classic Mode

EvoGround Additions:

  • Payload 2.0: Fully armed vehicle including a new helicopter
  • Take the base and find new super weapon boxes that include heavy weapons and powerful items.
  • Advanced communication towers allow players to react to defeated teammates
  • New Vehicles: Armed UASZ, Dussia, Buggy, and Pickup
  • New Heavy Weapon: AT-4 Laser-Guided Missile and M202 Four Barrel Rocket Launcher
  • New Items: UAV Controller, Man-Portable Radar, Bomb Suit

Halloween transition mode:

  • Transition mode returns on October 23
  • Zombies wear Halloween masks with appropriate decorations

Safety Improvement:

  • Added a penalty strategy to target the latest plug-ins / theaters
  • Improved process and policy to respond and counter new hacks more quickly

Graphics improvements:

  • Skin texture improvement for character models
  • Introduced more natural transition between parachute drop animations
  • Adjusted building and locality changes
  • Better lighting
  • Improve hair quality
  • New water surface shaders
  • More accurate models for weapon sites
  • Improved shell ejection animation during firing
  • Crosshair performance improved for holographic, red dot and optical sights

Other improvements:

  • Most cell phones can support 90 fps
  • Tommy gun can now be equipped with red dot or holo sight
  • UMP45: high rate of fire and damage
  • DBS: Can now be placed on the ground
  • Superior monster truck model
  • Firing removes invincibility in arena mode
  • Cheer Pack Extreme Zone: opens on 23 October, fight zombies in a transparent building
  • New UI
  • Royale pass season 15