Team PUBG Updates for 2022: Major Announcements

With the beginning of a new year, team has announced some charming PUBG updates for the players and enthusiasts across the world. While, giving a toast to all the members of the community New State and Krafton discussed the success of the newly released version.

PUBG Updates: New State Feedback

As the year 2022 is approaching, it been more than a month since the global debut of PUBG: NEW STATE. The PUBG development team has been working hard to enhance the Battlegrounds of 2051, despite a difficult start, and the feedback has been great so far as received from the global gameplay.

With feedback and support, the PUBG team is executing overwhelming changes, enthusiastic gameplay for the game and upgrades to Battlegrounds of 2051. As game enters the new year, the team is looking forward to what the community has in store for 2022.

There a lot of minor and major updates for the year 2022. The first set of big improvements will be delivered in the first two months of 2022, with the details to be announced at a later date. Players must stay tuned. In addition, PUBG updates is heavily working upon a new Battleground for Survivors, which will debut in mid-2022.

For the time being, here’s a preview of the forthcoming map!

PUBG and Milestones for 2022

Although the team has brough a lot of changes and milestones planned for next year, one of the top focuses for 2022 is to keep updating and improving so that the players can meet and surpass the expectations both on and off the Battlegrounds.

PUBG will ensure that regardless of location or device, all of the team worldwide Survivors have the finest service and gameplay experience possible. The gameplay will aggressively pursue open and honest contact with all of the Survivors, as well as listen to the community in order to jointly construct stronger Battlegrounds.

If 2021 marked the start of the new Battlegrounds, 2022 will be the year in which PUBG will expand and improve altogether.

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More fun and Chicken dinner for players in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates and info related to PUBG and team annoucements.

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