How to Solve Borderland 3 Pumpkin puzzle in Bloody Harvest

The Pumpkin Puzzle is an optional part of one of the famous games – Bloody Harvest: Descent into Heck, this puzzle is the Halloween mission in Borderlands 3. After completing the series of challenges around the limited time in the Heck Hole location of this game Vault Hunters can earn spooky cosmetics. So, if you also want to earn those cosmetics and want to complete this Halloween puzzle and are in search of a guide for the borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle then you are in the right place, just stick with us until the end.

What are borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzles?

As I said this is a Halloween special puzzle that starts in November in Borderlands 3, Bloody Harvest game. In this game, you have to reach the Heck Hole location and try to complete a series of challenges around a limited time to complete this quest and win some spooky cosmetics for your Vault Hunter in-game.

Solving this famous borderland 3 pumpkin puzzle will also reward you with a nice pile of cash and some loot, so this Halloween challenge will be worth your time. So, I think now you are eager to reach Heck Hole of Bloody Harvest to complete this puzzle and another challenge. So, without wasting time read the guide to solve Pumpkin Puzzle in Borderlands 3.

How to solve borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle

In this game when you are on your journey to Heck Hole you will visit a room that has been infested with Ratch and this is the room where you find your pumpkin puzzle but Ratch will attack you and when you kill all those Ratch you get this puzzle and become free to complete or solve this Pumpkin Puzzle.

In this room, you will find four pumpkins, each one glowing a different color, and in the small room, you will find four skulls switch each is glowing the same color as a pumpkin. First, you have to stand at the bottom of your stairs and you have to take a look at the left-most pumpkin.

If the far left pumpkin is glowing blue then you have to pull the blue color skull switch, similarly take a look at the far left pumpkin and the light in which that pumpkin is glowing you have to full the same color skull switch.

You have to be careful because the color of the pumpkin is changing with time, so the best idea before pulling the skull switch check the color of the pumpkin again because chances are the color of the pumpkin may change. Must keep in mind that colors can be repeated, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself pulling the same switch multiple times.

While doing this mission you have to be careful about the room because there is a big hole in the middle of the room so don’t fall in the middle of the room.  Also, take a note that each time you pull the colored skull chain the next pumpkin will change the color, so you again go through one skull at a time.

Now, if you follow the above instructions as provided and keep yourself aware in this mission then your borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle is completed.

How to reset the pumpkin puzzle

In this section I want to tell you what you should do if you fail in this mission, This means there is a chance that you choose the wrong skull and this mistake can take you far back in this game but you can avoid this.

If any mistake happens in completing this puzzle then you have to travel back to Sanctuary III as soon as possible and from there you again try to return Heck Hole. The enemies you fought and killed will again come back and the puzzle will also reset and you get another chance to complete this mission from starting without losing your position in the game.


If you read all the above instructions carefully then I think you understand about the borderlands 3 pumpkins puzzle and if you get a good reward by completing this puzzle with the help of the instructions given above then not forget to share this article with your friends and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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