Range of All Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG January 2022

Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG

PUBG Mobile is unquestionably one of the most popular games in the world, not only in India. Players have gone crazy for the rush and excitement of team play tactics and simply destroying your opponent in this game. What’s even more incredible is the sensation of victory while murdering your opponents with a headshot. And in order to accomplish so, one must have the appropriate weaponry. Especially if you’re going to use a= Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG sniper rifle to take out your opponent.

Because SMGs and ARs can only shoot reliably to a certain distance, it can be difficult to take down your attacker from a distance. Enter sniper guns may not perform well in close quarters or at high speeds, but they excel at long-range attacks.

Bolt Action Rifles In PUBG

This sniper rifle only fires one round every trigger pull, and the kill relies on your opponent’s armour and gear. The basic goal of this Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG sniper rifle is to hit with one shot, although this is not always possible due to variables like as aim armour and shot kill rate.

Arctic Warfare Magnum

This sniper rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in PUBG, and it can be obtained by airdrops. This gun can hit your opponent in the head with a headshot that will either kill or knock them out. Its incredible firepower and guaranteed kill or knock out rate make it an excellent pick for gamers. For who want to engage in long-range warfare.


The M24 is one of the most uncommon gun models at the AWM. You could have a hard time finding this sniper weapon because there are so few of them distributed over the landscape. While we’re talking about M24 and comparing it to AWM, it’s the second-best option. The gun has a lesser range than the AWM, but in the proper hands, it may be a powerful weapon. The reason for this is that even an enemy with LVL 2 gear in a 150m range. You will be unable to withstand the firepower. If there is an issue, the opponent can be brought down in two shots.

Kar98: Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG

The Karabiner 98 Kurz, sometimes known as the Kar98, is a popular bolt action rifles in PUBG. This is widely available and widely dispersed across the map. If you shot your opponent with this rifle from a distance of 100 metres and they have LVL 2 gear. You will easily knock them out. However, this will necessitate at least three rounds of the shoot. Due to the miserably slow reload time. By the time you shot your enemy three times, it may have already reached a safe location.

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