Top Features of Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Many newcomers to Minecraft will be unable to tell the difference between Bedrock and Java Edition. However, there are numerous differences between the two editions. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is written in C++, whereas Minecraft Java Edition is written in Java. Many players believe that the Java Edition is superior to the Bedrock Edition. They may be unaware of Bedrock’s unique features. 

This information tells players about some of the Bedrock Edition’s unique features. Minecraft Java Edition does not have these features. 

Minecraft Bedrock exclusive features 

1- 3D Skins 

A skin in Minecraft is an image that determines how your character appears in the game. TIP: Adjust your camera angle to see how you appear in Minecraft right now. 3D skins are a novelty for Minecraft Bedrock players. Bedrock Edition far outperforms Java Edition in terms of cosmetics. Player models in Java Edition are made up of six blocks: two hands, two legs, one body, and one head. 

Bedrock Edition allows players to use 3D skins with features such as wings, horns, tails, and so on. Players can use either free or paid 3D skins from the Marketplace. 

2- Dyeing using cauldrons 

Leather armor is dyed through a cauldron in Bedrock Edition, so a cauldron can hold dye water. When a dye add to a cauldron filled with water, the dye is consumed. To produce mixed colors, different dyes can mix. Cauldrons can use to dye leather items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In cauldrons, one dye can mix with another to produce a variety of colors. Similarly, players can place potions in cauldrons and then shoot arrows at them to obtain tipped arrows. 

3- Official add-on support 

Mojang/Minecraft officially supports add-ons as the first step toward bringing customization to all editions of Minecraft. They enable the addition of elements to the game by combining resource packs and behavior packs. They are carried out by behavior packs. Mojang has announced official add-on support for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Developers have created an official modding API to encourage creativity and customization. 

Although Java Edition already includes a plethora of resource packs and mods, it lacks official add-on support. Hopefully, they will make it for Java as well. 

4- More baby mobs 

Baby Mobs includes baby versions of many vanilla monsters, each with its own unique set of abilities. When these baby mobs spawn, they replace their adult mob counterparts at a certain rate. Baby mobs are a common feature in Minecraft. Bedrock Edition has more baby mobs than Java Edition. The Bedrock Edition contains baby squid and dolphin variants. Their baby versions, like other mobs, have similar bodies to adults but with a larger head and a smaller body. 

5- No need to crouch for placing blocks 

Building bridges or placing blocks at the edge can be time-consuming in Minecraft Java Edition, but not in Bedrock Edition. Bedrock players can place blocks in the air in front of them, and they will be placed automatically at the edge of the block on which they are standing.

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