Renee Gracie went from racing to $ 0 to $ 90k a month after joining the adult film industry

Renee Gracie Now: Supercar fans were surprised to learn that Renee Gracie now earns more than $ 90,000 per month after a seven-year career as a race car driver.

Renee Gracie

Former Australian race car driver Renee Gracie received a significant increase in salary after a career change. Renee Gracie was the first full-time female racer in Australia’s V8 Supercars Super 2 category in more than 14 years, but failed to earn an income that could end during her seven-year career as a racer. Renee Grace joined the adult film industry and saw a substantial increase in her salary, reporting $ 90,650 per month. Many fans on social media asked the question, ‘What is Renee Gracie doing now?’ And ‘Is Renee Gracie Australia racing career over?’.

What is Renee Gracie doing now? Is Renee Gracie Australia racing career over?

‘What is Renee Gracie doing now?’ The 25-year-old adult joined the film industry after stories emerged that the trend was trending on social media. By his own admission. Renee Gracie videos and photos are reportedly being sold for $ 12.95 a month and her fan page has over 7,000 subscribers. Renee Gracie was struggling to make it big as a racer and chose a career path that allowed her to earn more money in a much shorter period of time.

According to Telegraph reports, Renee Gracie now makes about $ 90,650 per month after a career change. The former race car driver claims that he ventured into the adult film industry all his life after an unsuccessful stint as a race film driver. Reports also claim that Renee Gracie is set to make more than $ 1 million this year.

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Is Renee Gracie Australia racing career over? Renee Gracie became a racer adult movie star

Amidst these stories, claiming that Renee Gracie has now joined the adult film industry, some fans on social media asked if ‘Renee Gracie Australia’s racing career is over?’ Earlier this year, Renee Gracie announced that racing was no longer her passion. Supercars also announced that they would distance themselves from Renee Gracie after a career change. The statement read that Renee Gracie will no longer be driving in the supercar series.

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Renee Gracie Video: Adult Movie Star by Renee Gracie Racer

After deciding to call it racing, Renee Gracie worked at a local car yard before deciding to change career paths. Renee Gracie Videos has earned enough money to repay its 30-year housing loan in 12 months at the age of 25 months. The Renee Gracie Instagram page has more than 435,000 followers and Gracie’s plan to continue Mint money from social media.