Resident Evil 7 Broken Handgun- A Brief Guide About All Broken Guns.

Resident Evil 7 is a brief guide to one of the best horror survival games that allow players to unlock all broken handguns. A vast majority of players wanted to unlock weapons and guns in Resident Evil. Today, with the reference of this post, we will cover all the crucial aspects and modes that will navigate to all the players who are agog to get broken handguns in Resident Evil 7. Although, we all know how newly shotgun and pistol are benefit for such survival game. 

Resident Evil 7 Broken Handgun- A Brief Guide About All Broken Guns.
Created By Resident Evil 7.

As per the mode and interface of this game, getting the weapons and kits are too difficult to unlock. However, there are only two can find here that are acceptable for Lucas Domain as well. 

Apart from this, for the betterment of players and save the kit of weapons broken gun can be easily repaired. 

How to avail broken handgun in Resident Evil?

Before getting a broken handgun, it is crucial for players to find out all the exact locations where they can grab guns and other pistols. Some major locations where players can visit to collect these handguns are Grandma’s Room, Main house 2F. However, here you can collect some other additional weapons in the exchange form of M37 Shotgun. 

Many Resident Evil Seven weapons require building or browsing multi-component puzzles as well as scatter gun, burner and bomb launchers. It is even easier to lose some weapon field units, such as the M19 pistol and the M21 scatter gun. The explanation for his error is that they each start to break, requiring a repair kit. His field unit is only 2 repair kits in the game, so you should not miss him.

The M19 pistol can replace your regular pistol. It packs a bigger punch than a normal sidearm, so it doesn’t take too many shots on enemies. However, the M19 can fire only seven bullets at a time, compared to the ten bullets of a handgun. However, the extreme damage makes it worth the trade-off, at least until you suppress the game once and unlock the Albert-01R pistol for the upcoming play through.

As for the M21 scattergun, it is a double-barrel scattergun. The typical M37 scattergun only comes with a single barrel, so really, the M21 does extra damage. However, it does come with a trade-off of the same carrying capacity as the M19. Like the four shots of the M37 shotgun, the M21 fires only 2 shots before reloading. After using this powerful scattergun you have to count every shot.

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How to renovate the handgun in Resident Evil?

As per the above informative content, we understand how to get the handguns in gameplay, and how all these guns are curial to make the game interesting. Apart from this, there are several methods that can be applied which allow users to repair the handguns and are ready to use ahead. Here we are mentioning some of the major steps that guide you to repair the handguns:

  • Follow all the major step guide that has been mentioned on the tool kit of the shotgun after picking the M37 Shotgun.
  • After finding the accurate location like snake key, it will be easier for you to enter the main house of the kids’ room and collect the necessary weapons kits. 
  • Once you have found the latest weapons and guns, replace all the old ones with a model handgun. 

Resident Evil 7 is one of the prominent games ever where players can do a select number of shotguns and handguns according to their skill. Hope this brief guide will help you find all the handguns. 

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