How to complete Resident Evil village grave Treasure mission in AC

If you are a fan and player of resident evil and in search of grave treasure then I like to inform you that this treasure is known as Beneviento Grave Treasure.

resident evil village grave treasure is one of the popular stages where lots of people are stuck but in this stage, you have to open the tomb and get Benevento’s treasure in Resident Evil Village. But this is not that easy the way  I say, so just stick with this article and read all the important information about this mission which is given below.

About resident evil village grave treasure

Resident Evil Village is one game in a series of Resident Evil. Finding the Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure is hard and lots of people have stuck that place in this game. But if you understand the way to crack this mission then this will become one of the easiest treasures to complete.

This treasure is one of the easiest treasures in-game because the treasure can be found within a certain period and if you don’t want to miss that trick then you have to read the guide given below. In this mission when you find that treasure you get lots of things that make your journey easy in this game.

When and Where to find Beneviento’s treasure in Resident Evil Village

When you first visit the house, Benevento, you will walk from the grave of a girl called Claudia Beneviento and at the front of the door you see it asks you to “give up your memories”. You can’t do anything else at this point and you must try to complete the House Beneviento section and then leave the area.

On your third visit to the village, you get Moreau’s Reservoir and you have to keep in mind that you get Beneviento treasure before entering Moreau’s Reservoir. After that, you see that the small mousoleum is missing from the tombstone and that’s why the tomdoor is not open anymore.

So, this is the time when you have to start the search for Beneviento treasure as soon as you leave the Beneviento residence.

How to open the door and get the treasure

If you want to get the treasure then you have to open the door of a tombstone and for this, you have to follow some simple guide given below.

Get the slab for Beneviento tombstone

When you come back from the house of Benevento and tombstone location you should make your way to the village. If you go back then in the way when you visit Maiden of War square you see to graves are open and two deads will spawn. First, crawl out under the snow and the second one will open the small mausoleum.

You have to kill both dead and then enter in that mausoleum to get the “Broken Slab” which you need to get the Benevento Treasure.

Return to Beneviento’s treasure on the map

Now, when you carry on your journey you reach the Beneviento grave and a scary guy will jump from bushes with a big axe in hand and you have to fight with that guy. So, before carrying on your journey you have to take your best gun with you for that big guy.

This mini-boss like a scary guy is quite strong and needs proper power to fight so fight with the best guns and bombs. This will be a close-range fight, so we recommend you to use a short gun in this fight, when you beat this guy just carry on your journey.

Defeat the gain and get Beneviento’s treasure

If you have enough ammo and explosives then only you can survive further, this is a time when you should be ready to get Beneviento’s treasure. When you move further in this way then a giant axe-wielder will appear right in front of you, so after killing that giant guy be prepared to run left or right soon that axe-wielder will appear.

The path where you run is the best place for mines and mostly that gaint will step on them while following you. In this path keep moving so you can dodge the giant jump.

Now you can do three things, first, stay out of their range and shoot them or leave that gaint and kill others, last you can hurt all of them but for this, you need to be an expert with the right timing. We recommend it is probably easiest to shoot the undead with the handgun and then switch back to explosives for the gaint.

Get your reward: Beneviento’s treasure

When you complete all the above tasks and can kill all the enemies then finally you get your reward. All you need to do is place the broken slab which you get in the first phase of this mission on the grave. When you place that broken slab on the grave you can take that treasure with you.

Also, don’t forget to pick up all the loot which dropped when you kill those enemies and now your journey is ending and you get the Beneviento treasure in Resident Evil village.

Last Words

If you reach this section then I think you read all the above information carefully and if you follow all the above instructions then you can complete this mission very easily. So, if you think this article provides you with complete information about resident evil village grave treasure then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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