Risk of Rain 2 Gold Orb

The risk of Rain 2 Gold Orb is one of the many mysteries of the roguelike shooter, and some players may be confused as to what to do with it when it spawns.

Risk of Rain 2 Gold Orb
Risk of Rain 2 Gold Orb

Risk of Rain 2, a new multiplayer RogueLike shooter from Hopoo Games, made a surprise release last week. Now, many players are busy chasing down the risks of Rain 2’s character and advancing through their levels. While doing so, these players are likely to encounter many mysteries of the game, including the gold orb.

What is the risk of rain 2 gold orb

The risk of Rain 2’s Gold Orb is an item that can be created by paying money to Gold’s Altar, a structure that can withstand players as they play through the game. After providing the gold alter with the expected gold, the gold orbit will appear near the level telescope.

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What to do with the risk of rain 2 gold orb

After circling the gold, players must continue to complete the normal level level. However, they should focus on saving as much gold as possible, as it will prove beneficial in the encounter that comes from interacting with the gold orbit.

Now, players need to know how to find the teleporters in Risk 2 of Rain 2, and then they must go to the level telecolor, defeat the boss, and charge the telephone fully. At this point, they should not activate the telephone – instead there is an option to enter the Golden Portal which will be located next to it.

Once in, players will find themselves in a new area that serves as the seven shrines. They must activate these shrines to create a powerful boss, the Aurelionite.

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How to beat aurelionite at risk of rain 2

Aurelionite is a highly grinding boss, and Sona will play a key role in defeating it. Notably, this enemy cannot be damaged by standard weapons until players have reactivated all seven temples, and each shrine requires 282 gold for activation after the first. Once the temples have the requisite gold, the aurelionite can be damaged for some time, and players must focus all their efforts on doing so.

In these early stages, there are a lot of things to know about this new game, including how to put Lunar Coins at risk for Rain 2. While some aspects of the title will certainly change as early access continues, players can still enjoy unraveling its secrets.

Risk of Rain 2 is now available on PC via Steam Early Access.

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Risk of Rain 2 Golden Orb

The Golden Orb is an object that spawns when money is given by players to the Altar of Gold, a structure that players might encounter during regular play. After acquiring the Golden Orb, a new Golden Portal will spawn near that level’s teleporter.

By entering the portal instead of activating the teleporter, players will be transported to a secret area with seven shrines. Activating these shrines will spawn a unique boss, Aurelionite.

In order to defeat Aurelionite, players will have to activate all seven shrines, each of which has a 282 gold activation cost. Only when the shrines have been paid can Aurelionite be defeated. Depending on the quality of the weapons, players may need to reactivate the shrines, which will cost further gold, before they can defeat Aurelionite. If players find the Altar of Gold, they should focus on saving up as much gold as possible if they intend to take on Aurelionite.

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