Sarah Snyder’s Wiki Biography, age, height, net worth, parents

Sarah Snyder’s Wiki Biography, age, height, net worth, parents
Sarah Snyder’s Wiki Biography, age, height, net worth, parents

Sarah Snyder is a popular model and Instagram sensation, who became even more popular for her love affair with Jayden Smith, son of Hollywood veteran actor Will Smith. Let’s get more information about his current relationship status, net worth, parents etc.

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Sarah Snyder’s Early life and family

Sarah Irene Snyder was born on July 30, 1995 in New York City, USA, under Leo’s signature and holding American nationality. Nothing is known about his parents or any siblings; Sarah Snyder never posted a single picture of her parents nor any details about her age and occupation, keeping her and her personal life less important. It is known that Sarah spent her childhood and youth in New York City, but later moved to California to pursue her modeling and acting career.

Sarah Snyder’s Educational background

Sarah graduated from her local high school in New York in 2013. By this time, Sarah Snyder has already appeared in four films and continued to work and earn money while diving straight into the modeling world, leaving the higher education path.

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Sarah Snyder’s Business

Acting Career

When Sara was only 13 years old, she got her first role in a horror film called “Skeleton Key 2” (2008). Written and directed by John Johnson, it was the sequel to his film “Skeleton Key” (don’t confuse Ian Softley’s anonymous film with Kate Hudson) telling another story of a company of friends who would get into trouble Is and follows the corpse. The vampire and the devil himself.

Sarah’s role was small, but her appearance led her to win the lead role of a girl named Dotti in another horror film, “Scarlet Rain” (2010). In 2012 Sara appeared in the drama “Greencastle”, in which she played Holi, then in 2013 as part of Donna in the horror film “Dead Woman’s Hole”. The film was her last work as an actress for the time, although she was signed on as a “Knight of the Living Dead: Genesis” and “Ghoul Society” for the lead roles in future projects, though accurate Release dates are still not known. , So there is no indication that Sara can be seen again on the silver screen.

Sarah Snyder’s Modeling career

With acting for some time, Sarah ventured into another area of ​​her dreams, modeling. In 2014 she participated in a project called “Urban Abstract Photography”, which was a real success for Sara as she was seen by many model agencies and brands who wanted to work with her.

Sara was offered to work with Calvin Klein, “Forever 21”, “UNIQLO” and many other brands. In December 2017 she also worked for “Vogue Japan”, and appeared on the cover of “Vogue Japan February 2018” magazine. “Hugo Boss” asked Sarah in Germany to become the face of the luxury fashion house, and she also participated on the catwalk show for “Miumiu”, sharing in an Instagram post that she would be forever grateful for the opportunity and such Katie thanks Eleanor Grand for doing. She also has other business contracts with brands such as “Juicy Couture”, “Iceberg” and “W Korea”.

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Sarah Snyder’s Personal life, ex boyfriend jaden smith

Sarah Snyder became even more popular during her two-year affair with Will Smith’s son, Jayden. Sara met Jayden in 2015 – they immediately felt a mutual interest and started dating. They have not tried to hide their relationship, and appeared together on many events and shows, clapping hands, hugs and kisses.

Sarah Snyder was thus caught by Paparazzi at New York Fashion Week 2015, along with Jaden’s father, at the premiere of the movie “Pitch Perfect 2” in April 2015 and “Suicide Squad” in August 2016. Will Smith, who played the lead role in the film. In early 2017, some rumors surfaced about Sarah cheating on Jaiden, as he was caught with Gunner Stahl, a photographer.

Some of her photos were posted on social media platforms, although neither Sarah nor Jayden commented on those rumors; On the contrary, they continued to appear at various events and behaved as if nothing had actually happened. However, the pair broke up in 2017 without either of them commenting.

Nothing is known of their relationship to Will Smith, but many people who knew that the couple suspected the person Sara was involved in drug use. Since she was three years older than Jayden, she was believed to be badly affected, as some of her photos appeared on the Internet, displaying her with a bullet placed at the tip of the tongue (suggesting that she Was taking LCD or something similar)).

For some, their breakdown was a sigh of relief as they worried about Jayden. Prior to her relationship with Jaden, in 2013 Sarah dated Paul Wesley, the star of “The Vampire Diaries” series, and Ian Conor, a model from 2014 to 2015. she also once appeared at a dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio, veteran Hollywood. Actor. However, their relationship was not confirmed.

Who is Jaden Smith?

Sarah’s former boyfriend Jaden Smith was born on 8 July 1998 as Jayden Christopher Sirre Smith. He started his acting career from a young age, as his father Will Smith helped him along the way. Jaden is a rapper (just as his celebrity father), songwriter and singer, dancer and entrepreneur, and owns a brand called MSFTSrep. Neither Jaiden nor her sister Willow ever attended school, as they were always on homeschooling.

Jaden began his career in 2003, appearing in the “All of Us” series (2003–2007) when he was only five years old. She was later seen in “The Pursuit of Happiness” (2006), “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008) and “The Karate Kid” (2010), in which she played and starred Dre Parker for $ 3. Million. Movies. He later appeared in films and series such as “After Earth” (2013), “The Get Down” (2016-2017) and “Brothers in Atlanta” (2016). In 2017, her first music album titled “SYRE” was released, followed by her second album titled “ERYS” in 2019. In 2013, when he was only 15, he dated Kylie Jenner for almost a year.

Jailed 56 days

In 2015, Sarah Snyder was arrested by Bedford Police for stealing a “Hermes Birkin” bag, valued at $ 15,000 from a consignment shop called “Penny Pinchers” in Bedford, New York. Even though she provided evidence related to plane tickets, photos and her cell-phone records, she was imprisoned for 56 days after a four-month investigation, proving that she was in Miami at the time of the robbery.

His lawyers granted him bail, paying a fine of $ 8,000. As soon as she was released from prison, Sarah took a photo of herself in a t-shirt with her mugshot on it and posted it on her Instagram with the caption: ’56 Nights’, and was also taken by Ter-boyfriend Jaden Smith A photo of himself in a similar T-shirt to show support for his girlfriend. On 10 February 2016, all charges against Sara were dismissed. Then she posted two pictures of herself leaving the courtroom, and holding a blue birkin bag in her hands, showed that she could buy such luxurious items, and there was no need to steal them.

Social media presence

Sara is very active on her Instagram account, posts daily, and accumulates over 1.7 million subscribers and continues to become more popular on the platform each day. She also had a Twitter account, but she was never active. It is worth saying that her ex-boyfriend Jayden Smith is also very popular on Instagram, with more than 13 million subscribers on her account.

Appearance, clothing style

Sarah has a blonde bob hairstyle, although previously she dyed her hair red and dark chocolate brown; Sarah Snyder has hazel eyes. Sara is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, weighs about 114lbs (52kgs); Its important figures are 32-22-32. There is a tattoo on the right side of her navel, showing a dream catcher. Depending on her style of clothing, she prefers to wear haute couture, and often chooses brands such as Balanciaga, Fendi, Versace, etc.

Net worth and salary

According to official sources, Sara’s current net worth is around $ 400,000, which is accumulated through hard work as an actress and a model. She keeps getting offers from various brands and companies, has many commercial contracts with her, so her net worth is going to increase in the future. It is also notable that her Instagram account is another source of her income, as a sponsored post costs up to $ 5,800. As of her former boyfriend Jaden Smith, as of 2019, official sources estimate her total assets to be around $ 8 million.