How to solve Seahenge AC Valhalla Standing Puzzle

Seahenge is the stage in the AC Valhalla Seahenge game, and most of the people are stuck in this stage. If you are a fan of action games, you must be a fan of the Assassin Creed game, and this game has lots of stages where you can get stuck for a long time if you don’t know how to play. We understand this problem and come back with another guide on the Assassin Creed Valhalla game.

If you are playing AC Valhalla and in the process of unearthing all the mysteries around East Anglia, and want to clear this mission, then there is a skill point for you, which makes it worth a long trip over the seaside.

So, if you are searching for the solution to AC Valhalla Seahenge standing stone puzzle, you are in the right place, and for this, you have to stick with this article until the end.

seahenge ac valhalla

What is AC Valhalla Seahenge standing stone puzzle

Seahenge is one stage in the Valhalla game in which you have to solve one mysterious puzzle. You get this mission in East Anglia of AC Valhalla map, and to solve this mission, you have to use Odin’s Sight to reveal the markings, and after that, you have to stand in a specific spot that they piece together an entire image.

When you start your journey in this mission, you have to understand that your standing position also matters, and that’s why you have to choose a position where you stand and properly align all the symbols. So, the best place to stand and align the symbols you found is on the left of the stone. A small outcropping is just out of the water to the left of the main stone. The player has to stand behind that main stone while using Odin’s Sight. If this is not enough, then read the complete guide below.

How to solve AC Valhalla Seahenge standing stone puzzle

Seahenge is located on the coast in the northern region of East Anglia. There are a couple of fast travel points, and you have to be sure to activate those while you are in the town; these points will help you revisit later in case you want.

Seahenge is a desert area, and you get some questions, and you need to spot your area in the question. In this big desert land, you have to look for strange tall stones that surround a water body and a tree in the middle.

When you find that strange place, you have to walk over the stone in the water with marking on it, and after interacting with it, you can read a letter from Brendan of Clonfert. After getting that letter, turn away from the stone and walk forward, so you stand opposite it.

Now, make sure that you are standing outside that large circle of rocks and using the Odin Sight. After using that, you will see significant markings on each rock, and these happen to look very similar to Brenden’s note.

Now walk left until you get the sharp rock with lines on it. Once you reach almost there, the game will zoom, and the quest completion message will pop up on your screen.

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If you read all the above instructions and information, I think you can complete this mission on time without any problem. So, if you think this article provides you with complete information about the Seahenge AC Valhalla mission, don’t forget to share this article. If possible, leave your valuable comment below.

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