How to complete Second Conflict Cyberpunk Mission

If you are in search of how to complete the Second Conflict Cyberpunk mission and want to know what is this mission and what you get after completing this mission then you are in the right place.

Second Conflict is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077, which you need to complete after completing the Holdin’On mission. Completing Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077, give you rewards and experience points and this can also influence the main story outcome.

If you are confused then I want to make it clear that Side Jobs means storylines apart from the main story in the Cyberpunk game. These storylines can affect the main story of Cyberpunk indirectly and change the outcome of the game that’s why Side Jobs or Side storylines of this game are also very important.

In Cyberpunk majority of side, jobs are unlocked when you accept an offer made in a phone call. In this game you need to accept only job offers because when you accept side jobs offer then this game becomes a little difficult.

The second conflict is a part of a side job in cyberpunk and you can complete this mission with the help of the guide given below. So, stick with this article and get complete information about the Cyberpunk game and one of the famous side job storylines of this game.

What is Second Conflict in Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk or Cyberpunk 2077 is an action role-playing video game developed and published by CD Projekt, the story of this game takes place in Night City, in an open world and this game player assumes with the first-person perspective.

In this game player has the skill of hacking and machinery and different organizations and people give you a job to complete a different mission, and in this game, you also get offers of side jobs.

These side jobs give you experience and awards but don’t raise your level. In each level of this game, you get different types of side jobs, and those side jobs not directly but can affect the final result of this game indirectly.

The second conflict is one of the popular side job missions in cyberpunk games, the way you can complete this mission is given below.

What is the main objective of the second conflict in cyberpunk 2077

The main objective of this mission or the work which you need to do in this mission is given below, there are a series of works which you have to complete in this game and all those works are given below in step by step format.

  • The Player has to enter the Totentanz hotel
  • After that player has to talk to the leader, whose name is – Dum Dum & Royce
  • Now the player has to follow the leader
  • After follow up with some distance player has to talk to Nancy
  • Now some options work like – Got to the Bathroom of Totentanz hotel, Go out from the window, Go out on the balcony.
  • After completing all the above optional work player has to enter the elevator of Totentanz hotel to leave.
  • When you come out from the hotel you see Nancy’s car and you have to sit in it and call Kerry to find Denny and Henry.
  • Now when you find Denny and Henry then you have to wait for a day for the call of Nancy.
  • Now, if you complete all the above work then you can complete this mission.

How to complete second conflict cyberpunk

If you understand the objective and the mission of the above work then here we discuss how to complete this mission.

This mission will start when you enter the hotel Totentanz and you have to visit the upstairs and in the third floor you get a bar called Totentanz bar and in this bar, you meet some criminals and you may start a fight or leave.

If you start to fight and kill Dum Dum then you won’t see Dum Dum or Royce then you will have to deal with someone named Patricia. Regardless of whom you are dealing you have to follow your host to the door of the bar.

If your host is Dum Dum then you are welcomed by Brick, and the rest of the mission will take place peacefully through dialogues but if you are dealing with Patrica then some unavoidable combat will start soon.

That combat will not affect anyone if you survive and the side job mission will run with the same ending resolution.

If you are dealing with Dum Dum and Royce then you get a third-person perspective and you get a mission to steal the data from Totentanz and escape from here and to do this Nancy will guide you. But if you are dealing with Patrica then you have to come front and ask for a mission and then you get the same mission.

If you complete this mission then your side job work is complete and you get some best rewards and experience points after that you can resume your main mission of this game.


I think you understand that second conflict cyberpunk is a side job means a side mission which you have to complete with your main mission and you get some extraordinary rewards and experience in this game. So, in this article, we try to provide you with all the complete details about how you can complete this mission.

So, if you think this article provides you complete information about second conflict cyberpunk then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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