Full guide to getting Sharpening stone in Valheim 

A sharpening stone is an item that you found in the Valheim game. This Sharpening stone is made at a stonecutter with 5 different stones. You get this stone very rare in this game. 

So, if you are a fan of survival games then you love Valheim. This game is developed by Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studio on 2nd Feb 2021. After publishing this game won lots of hearts from all over the world and people are in search of as much information as they get about this game.

If you are also in search of information about the Sharpening stone in the Valheim game then you are in the right place in this article we explain to you all the information about this stone that makes your journey in this game essay. 

Sharpening stone in Valheim 

Sharpening stone in Valheim game

As I said this is one of the latest games which releases on 2nd February 2021 for windows Linux and steam system the game was developed by 5 members team and in this game player begins with nothing and or has to collect lots of things in this game and defeat the evils of Stalk Valheim. In this game, the player must be prepared for the fight from the sworn enemies of Odin himself. 

As I said in this game player has to collect lots of things one of the materials which the player has to collect is surfing is known as serving the stone is a special type of stone made under the stone cutter with 5 different stones this is too can rarely be found in a chest but this is a very important stone which used in buildings to make your building stronger and protect you from sudden attack. 

How to farm Sharpening stone

As I said this is one of the important materials which you can use in your building to make it more is strong. So it is important to understand how you can get more of these types of stones in this game. So the complete guide for farming Sharpening stones is given below. 

  • You can craft it by yourself

This is a very important stone that is used to make some special items and you can also use them in your buildings to make your walls strong. For you can take a normal stone and if you put 5 normal stones on the stonecutter table then you get one Sharpening stone. 

  • You can be spawned with the console command

If you don’t mind if I show you one cheat step then read this instruction, you can easily be spawned with the console command. 

To spawn the item, first, you have to turn on cheat codes by typing dev commands in the F5 console, and then you have to use the spawn Sharpening stone command to create the item. 

If you don’t like to cheat in this game or it is difficult for you then first develop a stone cutter bench on this bench when you put five stones then it automatically converts into sharpening stones and this is one of the easy ways to get enough material. 

How to use Sharpening stone in the Valheim game

I said that one of the important things is Sharpening stones and if you follow all the above instructions then you can make enough Sharpening stones. 

If we talk about the use of a Sharpening stone then you can create a grinding wheel with the help of a surfing stone and if you want a workbench then a Sharpening stone is one of the important needs. There are lots of other materials. In this game, you can make use of the Sharpening stone which can make your wall and floor stronger. 


If you read all the above information then I think you understand everything about Sharpening stones. If you understand the use and manufacturing of this is to another in this game becomes a little easy for you so if this article provides you a complete guide about this type of a stoner do not forget to share this article with your friend and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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