How to Get Grass in Minecraft  

The grass is a very useful item in Minecraft. You will get this item on every biome except mesas, oceans, deserts, and also iceberg biomes. The map of Minecraft has been extended for the players who need to grow and use grass in Minecraft.   

Minecraft players will get 3 types of grass on the surface. First is a tall grass that Minecraft players will get in any type of biomes. You can also reach up to two blocks high. Sometimes, this tall grass can be found on plains and also on forest biomes.   

Grass in Minecraft 

When it comes to grass blocks, these blocks can grow up to one block high. When you successfully mined the grass, players will get wheat seeds and this is very often in Minecraft. You will get the grass blocks when you sheered the grass blocks then you can place the final grass block anywhere you want. The last variant of grass block can be found over the dirt blocks. You will get it everywhere in Minecraft.    

Guide to Grow Grass in Minecraft  

Get Bonemeal to get Grass easily  

Bonemeal is the easiest way to get Grass in Minecraft. Bonemeal is a grass, crop fertilizer, and plant that can be made by the bones of the skeleton. You can easily get the bones of skeleton everywhere in the Minecraft world when it has freshly died. you can also get the bonemeal by killing them.   

Growing Grass on the Dirt Block  

Sometimes Minecraft players need to face challenges while growing the grass for their uses on the plain dirt blocks. It can take a lot of time to make it ready for you because you will need until you get the dry plain land over it.   

The easy way to get the grass blocks in Minecraft is, you need to provide some light over the plain land of dirt blocks so that they can convert into the dry surface a little quickly. At the high level of lights, players will get the Grass over the top of the dirt blocks easily. With the high level of lights, you can easily get the grass blocks without spending much time.   

Grass Scouting  

The last method to get the grass blocks easily is to roam around the Minecraft world. You should roam around so that you can be able to get the already existing grass blocks. This tall grass can be found mostly on plains and forest biomes.   

You can plant the existing grass blocks anywhere you want. Once you planted it successfully then it will start the growing process technically.   

Commands to Grow Grass Blocks  

If you don’t want to spend much time growing grass then you can go with the commands. Commands are the easiest way to get the grass. If you love to use commands instead of doing the other things then you need to look below where I have mentioned command for grass.   

Command= /give @p grass 1 or /give @p tallgrass 1 1  

You can drag down the grass that you have made into the inventory where you are storing your items. You can place it anywhere you want.   

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