Super Castlevania 4 – All the Cheats and Guides You Must Know.

Super Castlevania IV is the fourth entry in the 1991 game and Mainline Castlevania series developed by Konami for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System-SNES. This is a redesign of the original Castlevania for NES. Even if it is a lot of fun. Today in this article we will cover all the cheats and guides of Super Castlevania 4. 

Super Castlevania 4 - All the Cheats and Guides You Must Know.
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Most games of that era did not have a save system due to hardware limitations. Using passwords is a simple solution that can provide the player with input to cross a certain point in the game. Passwords are not actually saved, i.e. they do not reflect the player’s location once they reach that checkpoint, instead they start the game at a certain stage with the default loadout.

Super Castlevania 4- What does it mean?

Super Castlevania may be a password’s not a straightforward string of characters, however a 4×4 grid with symbols (an axe, a bottle of H2O, a heart or nothing). every countersign would load the sport during a totally different stage.

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However, there wasn’t a singular countersign for every stage. Instead, the countersign algorithmic program takes into consideration the name given by the player once he or she started the sport. Therefore, every doable name may need a special countersign set.

Furthermore, in SCIV once you beat the sport, you now begin the sport during a more durable problem. this is often what’s called the Second Quest (the initial Quest would be the bottom game). This model includes the countersign system and as a result, the algorithmic program takes the issue into consideration. 

Thus, every player name does not have one however 2 passwords sets, one for every problem. This generator permits the user to input a player name and generates the passwords for all stages of each primary and Second Quest.

What are the cheats for Super Castlevania 4?

A wide range of players who are regular keep in touch with all the latest updates of Super Castlevania wanted to know all the cheats. Here some of the following cheats are as follows:

  • Three Hidden Routes.
  • Full Arsenal.
  • Free Large Meat on Stage 9
  • Hard Mode.
  • Codes.
  • Stage Passwords.

These are the main cheat codes that allow players to add to the game. To know more about these cheat codes let us discuss one of the crucial ones in a descriptive manner. 

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The first is a little 3-1. If you want to land the vertical shaft briefly anywhere, there will be some level in it. Half down here could be the wall of pillars on the left. These easily perish where you can feel the small aspect space containing hearts, cash bags and some roasts.

The second secret, which is the original hidden block, is slightly 6-2. At the terrible start, you have to cross the hall with axe knights and falling chandeliers. The third entry has a light fixture but no guards. Touching the ground several times, it breaks, exposing the well in a secret location.

The last is in blocks 9-2. In the third section, you initially jump on the bed of spikes. After this, you will see many storm tunnels and some coffins. The last elevated platform on the right has a coffin and a tunnel. Let the tunnel and you will find a hidden place full of bonuses. So this complete guide will navigate to you clearly to use the cheat codes in Super Castlevania 4. 

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