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GTA Vice City

The Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a pretty interesting game with so many features. The GTA Vice City will take you to Miami where you will need to begin the game. If you love the GTA Vice City then you will be going to live the history of this game as well. In the history of this game, we have a beta version. The Beta version is the amazing part of this game in that players are curious to know almost everything. In this blog, am going to let you know about GTA Vice City Beta Version.  

Looking back at the beta version of GTA Vice City 

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City’s beta version has a large number of unused models and data. There are some unused models, however, these are usually earlier versions of characters that aren’t as nicely textured. 

It’s worth noting that GTA Vice City: Beta Edition is a mod that includes numerous of these beta models and features. The mod does not add anything new; instead, it relies on previous sources such as: 

1- Official Strategy Guide for Brady Game 

2- Screenshots from the pre-release 

3- Outdated data files 

This mod can only include publicly available content; anything that Rockstar Games cleaned up nicely and never saw the light of day cannot be included. It is worth noting that the mod was created before the release of GTA Trilogy, which included some additional leftover data. 

Cut phone calls 

The following is a conversation between Tommy Vercetti and Mercedes Cortez that would have occurred over several phone calls: 

1- 0:00 0:12 is about her boredom and her desire for Tommy to do something with her. 

2- 0:12 0:32 is about her knowing Tommy murdered Diaz. 

3- 0:33 0:39 is about her loneliness. 

4- 0:39 0:50 is about her disliking Tommy’s disregard for her and her desire for him to notice her right away. 

5- 0:51:15 is about her dislike for Jezz Torrent because he began crying about his dog, how his mother never loved him, and that he also wears a wig and a bra in private. 

These phone calls suggested that she would play a slightly more prominent role in the beta version of GTA Vice City, rather than being a minor character who appeared in only a few missions. 

Mercedes’ phone calls constitute only a small portion of the cut content. The video above covers all unused phone calls (voiced and unvoiced), such as: 

1- Tommy receives a call from a debt collector about inheriting BJ Smith’s debuts. 

2- Ken Rosenberg describes how Tommy could visit his assets to collect money. 

3- In a cut mission, Steve wants Tommy to get a car from the airport. 

4- Tommy learns about SWAT’s deposit box from Kent Paul. 

5- Umberto calls Tommy for the first time with a different conversation. 

6- Phil Cassidy informs Tommy that his wound is healing well. 

Text from GTA Vice City – Definitive Edition that is interesting 

There are a few minor distinctions. As a result, it’s worthwhile to examine the more intriguing distinctions between both the beta version and the end version. 

Other differences in the story include Cortez initially defending his boat against Shining Path Rebels rather than French secret servicemen. 

The original beta map 

GTA Vice City players can visit Sunshine Autos to see the old beta map, which differs from the final version in several ways: 

1- There is no Hyman Memorial Stadium. 

2- The eastern island has significantly less beach space. 

3- There are no beaches on the western island. 

4- A curved bridge that runs above Starfish Island. 

5- There is no lighthouse. 

In general, the old map was less detailed. It’s also worth noting that some old radio station icons were supposed to be used on the GTA Vice City map but never made it.

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