Tandav Web Series Review Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia

Tandav Web Series Review Saif Ali Khan
Tandav Web Series Review Saif Ali Khan

For the past several days , the political drama web series ‘ Tandav ‘ featuring the main character of Saif Ali Khan was waiting. Finally, the series has now been released on Amazon Prime Video. This is the first season of this series and the makers have already told that shooting for its next season will be started soon.

Tandav Web Series Story

This story is of Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan). Samar’s party has been in the country’s Parliament for three times and his father Devaki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dhulia) is the Prime Minister of India.

Samar is hopeful that now in the coming time, Devaki Nandan will hand over his chair and party to him, but it is not that easy because Samar’s father and politics have thought of something else. When Samar does not see his way clear, he kills his father Devaki Nandan. But even after this, Samar is unable to get the chair and on the chair, Anuradha Kishore ( Dimple Kapadia ) , the closest leader of Devaki Nandan, gets occupied. However, his close aide Gurpal ( Sunil Grover ) is always present to help Samar.

Meanwhile, Shiva, a young and dynamic leader of VNU (meaning suppose JNU) in the war of politicsMohammad Zeeshan Ayub ) also jumps into the ground. Now how Summer makes its way in the meantime, this is the story of this entire web series.

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Tandav Web Series Review

Director Ali Abbas Zafar knows what season the audience needs. However, in this cleverness, he has not been able to hold the story as much as was expected. When the story starts, you feel that there will be many types of political maneuvers in it, but you will feel disappointed. If you have seen the American series ‘House of Cards’ and are hoping for a political drama in the same way, then you are going to be disappointed.

Saif Ali Khan is stylish in the whole series and his performance is also appreciated, but you will find him appearing repeatedly in the Aviator Sunglasses in Slomotion. Speeches about politics have been overblown and the dialogues seem ineffective after a while.

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However, one thing that should be appreciated is that Ali Abbas Zafar has beautifully displayed the facial expressions of all the actors in the close-up, but his grip on dialogue and story seems to be nineteen. By the way, an attempt was made to link this web series to India’s politics of the last 5 years. In this, you will get to see student politics, use of sedition law, political conspiracies, agitation of farmers, propaganda of IT cell.

But still it does not satisfy you. One thing that can make you happy is the acting of the actors. Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover and Kumud Mishra praise the great acting, but due to the weak story and screenplay you will not be as happy with this series in the end as you were hoping for.

Why to watch: If you want to see a spicy political drama on the weekend, then you can see Tandav web series.