Tasofro Announces The Next Touhou 17.5 Game!

Strange as it may sound, the next Touhou 17.5 will most probably be a platformer. Developer Tasofro, fighting 6 original Touhou games, has announced the next iteration of the series.

Touhou games are booming on the market. With the recent Touhou game coming on Steam, a large number of international fans have a better chance of enjoying the original Touhou game. Touhou 17: Kikeijuu – Willie Beast and Weak Creature has come out this August 2019. Shortly after the shooter game, we already have another title coming out.

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Touhou is notorious for its huge cast of female characters.
Recently, Tasopro has announced the next Touhou 17.5 game. This would serve as a side version of the game, just as they did back then with many tow fighting games. Tasopro has collaborated with team Shanghai Ellis to produce 6 fighting games with their own unique stories.

Touhou 17.5 is a Platformer

Touhou 17.5
Touhou 17.5

All of Tasofro’s games were hell-bullet fighting games. However, this Touhou 17.5 feels a bit different, especially with its art style and character scale. The model size is too small for a fighting game and is close to being classified as a platformer. There are many different fan-made Touhou platform games out there, but Touhou has not officially published any games of that genre.

According to the description on their main website, Touhou 17.5 will be named Touhou Goyouku Ibun ~ Mizunagashita Jinjyu Jigoku. It is roughly translated into “Touhou Strange Tales of Ours ~ Sunken Hell the Stream Down”. This time the event will revolve around some such mysterious black water flowing over the world. Our heroes Reimu and Marisa have to go down. Section to investigate and resolve the incident as usual.

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Water gives off a peculiar smell and cannot be easily removed when it touches the body. This is not something that you can use as regular water for daily life. Will it be evil and needs to be exorcised? Only our hero has the answer.

However, Tasofro only tampered with 2 pictures of the gameplay and urged players to take part in its Touhou Autumn Reitaisai on October 6, 2019. The trial version will cost around 200 Japanese yen (ro 132). More details will come when we get to know the demo of Touhou 17.5….