The 10 Fastest Pokémon Of All Time

We have seen Pokemon very rapidly throughout the year, and there are about 900 of them. We are looking at the fastest.

Fastest Pokémon
Fastest Pokémon

Fast approaching, a Pokémon meets your gaze. You bounce a Poké Ball into battle, and attack the fastest. Having a Pokémon with a high speed state can make the difference between victory and defeat. The fastest Pokémon attack first, giving them the upper hand.

We have seen Pokémon very rapidly throughout the years. Several generations later, there are about 900 Pokémon in existence! In the spirit of Pokémon Sword and Shield, we compiled this list, ranking Pokémon with the highest speed. This list was compiled using the base statistics of These are the 10 fastest Pokémon ever. Enjoy it!

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Tapu Koko

A new cast of the series, Tapu Koko, was introduced in Generation VII alongside Pokémon Sun and Moon. Tapu Koko is surrounded by a yellow egg that uses it for protection. Do not be fooled by the heavy and inaccurate presence of this Pokémon; It is incredibly fast.

Tapu Koko has a speed of 130, which means that you will not see one in the wild with a lower speed than 130. It has the ability to reach 394 speeds when it reaches 100 levels. This Tapu Koko makes one of the fastest Pokémon. In existence!


Crobat is the final form of Zubat that evolves from a Golbat under the right circumstances. As a Poison/Flying-type Pokémon, Crobat is known to fly long distances by alternating between each wing. In the Pokémon anime, Brock eventually evolves his Zubat into a Crobat.

Crobat’s only stat that is exceptionally high is Speed. With a base Speed of 130, Crobat is a speedy Pokémon. According to Ash’s Pokédex, “Crobat, the evolved form of Golbat. With its two additional wings, Crobat can fly much faster than Golbat.”

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Jolteon is the one and only Electric-type evolution of Eevee. You may realize by the end of this listicle that the fastest Pokémon are usually an Electric-type or Flying-type. Jolteon is a speedy Pokémon that resembles a cheetah. With a body made of lightning, it’s no wonder why Jolteon is so quick!

Its base stat in Speed is 130. Once Jolteon reaches level 100, it is capable of having a Speed stat of 394. Joleteon’s high Speed usually means that it attacks first in Pokémon battles, giving it the upper hand in a clash.

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It’s an ancient Pokémon that was thought to be extinct, but its high Speed proves that Aerodactyl is more than alive. Aerodactyl is a Flying-type and Rock-type Pokémon. Despite being made of rock, Aerodactyl can reach high speeds, which it uses to its advantage in Pokémon battles.

Its base Speed stat is 130 and it’s capable of reaching 394 Speed once it reaches level 100. According to Aerodactyl’s Pokémon Ultra Moon Pokédex entry, “It flew through the open skies over the ancient continent as if they were its own. When it touched ground, its walk was weak and slow.”


Portrayed as an evil Pokémon in Pokémon: The First Movie, there is more than meets the eye to Mewtwo. Born in a laboratory, Mewtwo is the product of science and the greed of its creators.

Mewtwo’s stats are exceptionally high, including its Speed stat. Despite being one of the fastest Pokémon in existence, Speed is not Mewtwo greatest stat. It has a base Speed of 130 and a Special Attack of 154. Given Mewtwo’s dominant nature, it is a good fit for any experienced trainer’s lineup.

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A newcomer to Pokémon, Zeraora is a pure Electric-type Pokémon. As a mythical Pokémon, Zeraora was introduced in Generation VII of the Pokémon games. It’s the final Pokémon listed in the Alolan Pokédex. This mythical Pokémon is like the equivalent of Mewtwo, aside from being exclusive to the Alolan region. Zeraora’s magnetic field emanates from its paw pads.

It’s a Pokémon with a base Speed of 143 that can ascend to 423 when it reaches level 100. According to Zeraora’s Pokémon Ultra Moon Pokédex description, “It approaches its enemies at the speed of lightning, then tears them limb from limb with its sharp claws.”


As a Pokémon that is neither Electric, Flying, or a legendary Pokémon, Accelgor is an outlier on this list. Accelgor is a Bug-type only, but pound-for-pound, it might be the fastest Pokémon of all time. Accelgor evolves from the Pokémon Shelmet after being traded for a Karrablast.

Accelgor has a base Speed of 145 and can reach a Speed of 427 when it hits its max level. According to Accelgor’s Pokédex entry from Pokémon X, “Having removed its heavy shell, it becomes very light and can fight with ninja-like movements.”

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In the first generation of the Pokémon games, Electrode was the fastest Pokémon. It evolves from a Voltorb at level 30, drastically increasing its Speed. Resembling a Poké Ball in the reverse, trainers mistake it for one and accidentally try to pick it up.

Electrode has a gigantic base Speed of 150 and can reach 416 once it hits level 100. As described by Electrode’s Pokédex entry from Pokémon Omega Ruby, “Electrode eats electricity in the atmosphere. On days when lightning strikes, you can see this Pokémon exploding all over the place from eating too much electricity.”


As one of the Ultra Beasts, which was introduced in Generation VII (Pokémon Sun and Moon), Pheromosa is a genderless Pokémon that has no known evolutionary form. Although Pheromosa is capable of Flying, it is a dual Bug-type and Fighting-type Pokémon. It’s a Pokémon that made an appearance in the anime. Pheromosa attacks trainers with Z-Crystals and collects the crystals is steals.

Pheromosa’s base Speed is 151 and it can reach a Speed of 441 when it hits maximum level.

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Based on its appearance, you may be surprised to learn that Ninjask is the fastest Pokémon on this list. With a base Speed of 160 and a whopping maximum speed of 460 at level 100, Ninjask is not to be underestimated. Speed alone makes it a fine fit for any Pokémon lineup.

According to Ninjas’s Pokémon Omega Ruby Pokédex Entry, “Ninjask moves around at such a high speed that it cannot be seen, even while its crying can be clearly heard. For that reason, this Pokémon was long believed to be invisible.”