8 Best Fitbit Apps: Get Most out of Bour Bands

Your Fitbit can do more than track your steps! Here are the best Fitbit apps to help you get the most out of your tracker. Many Fitbit trackers have smaller monochrome screens and typically provide fewer features than their smartwatches.

  • Switchr
  • Strava
  • Waterlogged
  • Find my car
  • Uber
  • Barcodes
  • Starbucks card
  • Treasure trek
The Best Fitbit Apps
The Best Fitbit Apps

Switchr (The Best Fitbit Apps)

It is one of the best fitness apps. Smartphone gadgets are as popular as ever. This app helps you control various IoT devices in your home with the help of IFTTT. This app is helpful when it is not always convenient to have a phone on hand to control them.

This app can be used to switch on and off smart bulbs, adjust your thermostats and even let your coffee machine cook your morning cup. The switcher is apparently compatible with a variety of smart gadgets, including rumba robot vacuums, nest products, and more. If you are fond of home automation then Switcher is undoubtedly the best app.

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Strava: (The Best Fitbit Apps)

If you are fitness conscious, then strava is the best one to go with. Your
strava profile basically syncs all the activities whether it’s cycling, running or hiking, it combines the powerful all-day tracking of your fiber with performance analysis.

The information you will be provided is very precise and detailed. Runners can see their distance covered, average pace, elevation and much more if you are running the same route more than once, matched runs on the ionic will automatically track progress-letting you know if you are improving or trending downwards.

Waterlogged: (The Best Fitbit Apps)

One of the most important things for your health and your skin is staying
hydrated, especially if you are active throughout the majority of the day.
Staying healthy is more than just counting steps and calories. This app will allow you to keep track of your water intake with daily goals
moreover, you can also add additional bottles or glasses or enter exact values. This app has also made sure that you never lose track of how much water you have drunk.

Find my car: (The Best Fitbit Apps)

Usually, it happens at least once that, you have forgotten where you have
parked your vehicle in a massive store parking lot. so here’s the best app
FIND MY CARS, it offers an elegant solution to this problem. Instead of using your car keys and running in the direction of the sound, you can simply mark your location on your Fitbit ionic.

The app uses the tracker’s built-in GPS and will lead you straight back to your car once you are done with your work. One more thing to note is, this app is available for the Fitbit Ionic because it is the only fitbit with the built-in GPS. If you own the ionic you need to pay $1 to unlock find my car’s full functionality.

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Uber: (The Best Fitbit Apps)

It’s surprising to know that we have an Uber Fitbit app as well. It is definitely not as feature-full as its smartphone counterpart, but it can get you out of a pickle if you want to quickly and discreetly get an Uber. The most important things like driver rating, estimated arrival time and price are all there on the screen of your tracker.

Barcodes: (The Best Fitbit Apps)

This actually turns your Fitbit into a digital wallet for your reward and membership cards. You just need to scan their barcodes and enter the number beneath them through the phone app first. When you have saved
and synced you can just open barcodes on your Fitbit tracker and scroll up
and down to get the desired card. Barcodes can store up to 7 different codes, which makes it incredible and convenient and one of the best Fitbit apps.

Starbucks card: (The Best Fitbit Apps)

Starting a day with coffee obviously makes your day. This Starbucks is
undoubtedly the best fitbits for that. It allows you to have your Starbucks
card on your wrist. Here you don’t need to carry a wallet or phone if you buy your coffee before or after your morning run, just scan your Fitbit instead and you are good to go. You can use it for one coffee shop chain.

Treasure trek: (The Best Fitbit Apps)

Working out has become very important these days. Motivation to work out is not always easy to come by, but a little gamification can spruce things up. This is the Treasure Trek where comes in. this app allows you to power a pirate ship with your steps and finds sunken treasure along the way. No microtransactions are involved here. You can get even pets. This is what makes treasure trek an enjoyable and rewarding app.