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The Best Landing Spots Fortnite
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Hey gamers, here’s my other blog. So here in this blog, we going to discuss the best landing spots Fortnite. Whether you are looking for solo best drop spots in a regular match or you are playing with a team. So, in this blog, we will be going to cover all the best Landing Spots fortnite.

There are some spots for landing that are untouched virtually. These spots can give you the best rotations and can get the best place to loot here. Here I have some amazing landing spots that are iconic and you will find something new here to explore. Somewhere you will also get some fun and can get amazing weapons on that drop spot that am going to disclose with you.

There are some best landing spots in Fortnite that you need to try so that you will get something new and amazing. This can get more interest in you towards the game.

we have a lighthouse on the number 1

The lighthouse is the safest place to land because you will get some mates, chests and also no one else will be there to bother you. If you want to avoid encounters then I will suggest you hide in the lighthouse because the lighthouse can save you from conflicts and you can get more time to be in the game.

We have Beach on the second number

We put the beach on the second number because many players use to skip beach spots just because that place is open and they don’t think the beach is the safest place and they choose the other place to hide so you can go to the beach if you want to get the space. Here you will get a great time to loot.

We have butter barn on the third number

It is an untouched building that many users forget while landing. If you want to loot or want to stay away from the enemies then butter barn is also a good drop spot.

We have loot boat on the fourth number

Loot boat is the best option because it changes its location in every game that can save you from enemies. You can play safe when you land on the loot boat.

We have rocky reels on the fifth and the last number

Sometimes players left rocky reels completely alone and they start finding some other spot. When the rocky reel gets completely alone then this place will be the very safest place to loot and then you can get more time to compete.

So, these are the five safest places to land in fortnite. If you are a beginner then you need to take care a lot about every single thing whether it is a small issue or big. Try to land in the safe zone to protect yourself. The thing that you need to remember is, don’t forget your aim in a rush. Use your brainpower and compete with the other players if you want to be the expert of the game.

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