The Dark Tale of the ‘Final Fantasy House VII’

YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen makes a detailed video about the troubled saga of Final Fantasy House as part of their well received Down the Rabbit Hole series.

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Final Fantasy House
Final Fantasy House VII

There is really no question the legacy of Final Fantasy 7. The game is a historical, historical release that played a large role in the console war between the PS1 and Nintendo 64, and remains one of the most acclaimed Japanese role-playing games of all time. Final Fantasy 7 has millions of fans worldwide and is also popular to warrant a full remake, but some fans take their love of the game too far – as happened to the people of the famous “Final Fantasy House” . The House “story that was popular on the Internet in the mid-2000s. Now, thanks to a video by YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen as part of its Down the Rabbit Hole series, the old story is returning to headlines.

For those unfamiliar, Final Fantasy House is a name given to an apartment rented by two individuals, known as Genoa and Hozo in Pennsylvania. Genoa, or Brief for Jane, confides in Faith and others that they were actually reincarnated video game characters in the real world. Jane and Hojo then lure people into their apartments, giving them a video game character they allegedly lived with in a past life, and then abusing them in many ways.

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Jane and Hojo emotionally, mentally, and even physically physically mistreat others living with them. They also take advantage of their roommates financially, such as forcing them to buy random things, as well as bear the full financial burden when it comes to paying rent or buying food.

Knodson’s video goes into detail about a similar incident that occurred in Southern California after the Final Fantasy house, where someone posting on the Housemate’s Horror Forum discussed their experiences with a roommate named “Sarah” Given. Like Jane and Hozo, Sara is convinced she was “soul-bonded” to the video game character, but instead of Final Fantasy 7, the game was Suikoden, another PS1-era JRPG.

This is all very interesting and disturbing, but there are some questions about whether the story of the Final Fantasy house is true or not. After all, the Internet has a tendency to create its own urban legends, such as the Slender Man character or the Russian sleep experiment. Ultimately viewers will just have to check Knodsen’s video and decide for themselves.

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When Fandom Goes Wrong: The Dark Tale of the ‘Final Fantasy House VII’ 

It was not hunger that finally sent Sid to leave Final Fantasy VII home. It was not the way others take advantage of it, a 19-year-old trans kids with art and drinking problem. Whenever he tried to communicate with the outside world, it was not abusive or ear. No — what it really did was steal his shoes.

A storm the day before at State College, Pennsylvania caused so much devastation that a small supermarket where Sid lost power and sent it home. He went back completely in the rain, without an umbrella or an overcoat. When he arrived at the second-story apartment he shared with his two roommates, he was soaked and trembling. They left their shoes to dry on the outside and went inside – to glowing surfaces, rank smells of neglected garbage, shouting and emotional abuse. The next morning, the shoes were gone.

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“You might think that’s a silly reason to make this picture,” he later wrote on A Public Warning: FFVI Fandom, a website that details his and others’ experiences. “But what happened to this … This god awful city, with these god awful people who were bleeding me dry, they saw fit that my money was not enough. They had to take off my shoes too.”

So Sid goes out. It was August 2002, and the summer sun on the blacktop burned her feet. He turned five dollars into clothes, a pocket knife, a sketchbook, a pencil, and whatever money he had left. “I was homeless for a few days,” he recalled on the website. “I had the freedom to sit where I wanted and where I wanted. There was no stink. There was no fight … I was not sick of the food I ate. Nobody asked me to go. Been. Look outside and fairy rings. I swear you, I will be homeless too much, like living with people like them again. I am not at risk of being homeless, because I have seen too much. . “