Strategy for They are Billions – Complete Guide

If you are a fan of strategy survival games then They are Billions is one of the best games which wins lots of hearts from all over the world. They are Billion is a strategy game that needs an open mind to win and the survival nature of this game makes it very interesting. So, if you are in search of strategy, tips, and tricks to win this game then you are in the right place, just follow all the steps given below.


They are Billions of video game

As I said earlier They are Billions is one of the popular and best games which is a must to play for everyone, because this game needs an open mind. This game was developed and published by Numantian Games and this game is available on Microsoft Windows, this was released onto the Early Access program with a survival mode in December 2017.

When this game get huge popularity then the updated version of this game was released with the camping title “New Empire” on June 18, 2019. This updated version is for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One version. In this game, a player is stuck in a zombie-infested world. The player’s goal is to build a base to protect themselves by planning the layout, defense, and regular exploring of the map.

In this game, the player has to collect resources to keep themself alive and at the same time this infected village will be attacked by zombies and the player has to keep themself alive.

So, if you are able to keep yourself alive by creating a strong base and powerful weapons then you are able to survive. You need to think about which resource will help you to survive in this condition and you need to make your base or house strong to keep yourself alive and active.

They are Billions of Strategy

If you start this game the first time, then don’t panic and relax and try to follow the tips and tricks which given below, to play this game in the best way possible.

  • Choose the lowest difficulty level – This is the first tip or strategy which you need to keep in mind while starting this game. Try to do the easiest things.
  • Use Pause – If you are building anything in this game then use the pause button as much time as you can. If you erect a structure in the wrong location then you easily check your decision without losing any resources if you use the pause button.
  • Tesla Tower – This is one of the important things which you need to explain to your colony. Place these tesla towers on the outskirts of your settlement.
  • Focus on one side – This is another one of the most important strategies which you need to keep in mind that you need to keep your mind at one work at a time, like if you are building double walls, towers, or archers then before you switch to different side make sure that the zone is guarded. Don’t raze old walls to the ground. In this way serve as an additional line of defense.
  • Constantly recruit new troops – In the They are Billions game this strategy works great and give you a great result, so keep in mind that you don’t let the zombies dispose of your soldiers, and for this, you constantly recruit new troops.
  • Don does not attack – Small group of zombies at the beginning of the game if they do not pose threat to your colony then don’t attack them. If you attack them then this will only boost their aggression. So, as long as you not going to expand, map out patrol paths for your units.


If you read all the information given above then I think you understand the importance of the they are billions game and its strategy. This is a very easy game and your work will make this game more interesting. So, if you think you get complete and helpful information then do not forget to share this article, if possible leave your valuable comment below. 

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