How to complete the mission of Tilting the Balance in AC

Tilting the Balance is a stage in the Assassin Creed game and this is a virtual representation of Eivor Varinsdottir’s genetic memories, which were relived by Layla Hassan. If you are an Assassin Creed player then you understand the character of Eivor, lady Ethelswith, king of Mercia, and others. 

So, welcome to the Tilting the Balance page, and here you get a full guide to understand where you find King Burgred and how you can kidnap him to complete this mission, for further information stick with this article and follow all the instructions given below.

Tilting the Balance

Where to Find King Burgred and Kidnap Him in Tilting the Balance

When you play this mission then during the conversation with Aethelswith you will have to select the appropriate dialogue options several times. But your choice of dialogue doesn’t matter much because the result will be the same.

Now, after the conversation with Lady Aethelswith, you have to move for your next task and you get your next task at the place where the rivers Arva and Alne connect. At that place, you find one of the entrances of Burgred’s. You find that the crypt is open, but you find several soldiers in front of that door and you have to kill those soldiers. After killing all those enemies you can choose the entrance to move further or you have to choose another entrance.

When you move inside you will see the box which blocking the passage or road and you have to shoot on that box to move further but when you shoot that box you draw the attention of two soldiers but you can eliminate them quickly.

When you move further you will find the last room and you see a very strong guard in front of the door of that room, you have to defeat that guard to get the key from the body of the guard.

After that when you enter the last room you will see King but the king will not give up without fighting with you. So, you have to defeat him and in this fight, you can only fight with your hand. So, hit your opponent with your bare fist until he is stunned.

When the fight will over, pick him up and take him out of the crypt and the nearest exit leads through the door on the right.

To Kidnap the King

Your final mission is to kidnap the king and for this, you have to take the king on the horse and reach Tamworth. This is the final stage of this task where you have to deliver the captured king to Tamworth.

But your eyes open there are lots of soldiers who are loyal to king Burgred and they are along the way to kill you. Keep in mind that when a group of loyal soldiers attacks on you then to avoid a fight you can drive through the woods which completely avoids the fight.

When you move in the woods then you can run your horse fast and soon you arrive and the mission will be completed, after that, you will receive three 400XP as a reward.


If you reach this section in search of Tilting the Balance then I think you understand about this virtual situation that you get in the Assassin Creed game. Keep in mind that Tilting the Balance is the name of the storyline which you have to complete and if you follow all the instructions given above then you can complete this mission or storyline without much effort.

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