To play the best cool math games


Cool Math Games offers all kinds of interesting and fun games for players of all ages and skill levels. Most games are focused on getting your brain working, but many of them are great for just relaxing. I appreciate websites like this because I used similar games to help my brain get back into the swing of things after a long period of illness. If you want to sharpen the edges of your thinking, or just get lost in a simple game to help yourself relax, these are some of the best cool math games I played this month.

Lines 98

Lines 98 Best Cool Math Games

Lines 98 (depicted in the header image) is about connecting all the dots. You can move the dots around the grid, and if you row 5 of them, they will disappear. You earn points for every line that disappears. As long as you have a clear path to an open square, the dot will move there, and each time you color the other randomly and the dots will appear. There are some secret rules that you will follow while playing, and it is very easy to lose hours in this game.

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Awesome tank 2

Awesome tank 2 best cool math games

Awesome Tank 2 is a small tank driving game. You need to make your way around each level, kill enemies and collect loot. A fog of war mechanic means that you never know what awaits your level, and there are a variety of weapons, powerups, and improvements depending on the amount of money you get at the level of your tank can do. It is super addictive, even if it is a little simple. You’ll need some reactions, as some of the deadly surprises are hidden by the walls of some of these levels.

IQ Ball

IQ Ball Best Cool Math Games

The IQ Ball is one of my favorite types. You need to get a small furry ball in as few moves as possible to the target. You can throw out a frame that has a finite range and will stick to objects. Some objects that you can pull towards you, others will be pushed away, some will not move at all and instead, you will be pulled. It’s so much fun to figure out what to haggle, when to let go, and as much as possible to master all of the few well-timed moves, and think without letting your brain dominate you.

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Cannon Basketball 3

Cannon Basketball 3 Best cool math games

In another antithesis game, Cannon Basketball 3 you have tried to get a basketball into a trap using a cannon. It mixes things up a lot by making each stage its own puzzle, and you’ll need to try and get through each level to switch, teleporters, fully timed and driven shots, sometimes under deadlines. . It is a lot of fun, and comes with Easy or Hard levels, depending on how much challenge you want. If you are going to play them all, there are actually four of these games.


Rullo Best Cool Math Games

Rullo is a real struggle for me, so I am trying a lot to improve my thinking in this area. You need to remove the numbers from the grid so that the remaining numbers in each row add the numbers next to the rows and columns. Including at least one game every month I plan on kicking my ass in the hope that there are people who are better at this stuff than I would have some fun with it. This month, that game is Rullo.

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Mini block

Mini Block Best Cool Math Games

Mini Block is a simple game about getting a small blob through an assortment of levels. If you jump through a wall, you can change direction, and reveal other blocks and disappear as you need them. While later levels may have a slight demand, it is more about relaxing than stressing your brain too much.