Top 10 Fun and Crazy Games

Of course, not all these games celebrate spirit, but since this is the season for juggling, you can be sure that you and your party guests will have the time of your life. From inbuilt tilts to tidy fun, serious competitions of laughter, we have Crazy games that will fit into any celebration.

Crazy Games
Crazy Games

So which Filipino parlor game have you attended your party?

From the usual relay games for pop-culture-inspired people like Pinoy Hennio, here are Filipino parlor games that you should consider when planning your next holiday party. Have fun!

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Finish fruitcake

It is our belief that you can make something fun from nothing. Not only is this game holiday-appropriate, but it is a great way to get rid of all the fruits that your family has collected throughout the years. Give everyone a big piece, and the last one that punishes with a penalty. More fruit, maybe?

Cut bag

Because limbo (or limbo rock in the Philippines) is 2008, party planners have come up with an alternative, reverse version. In Bite the Bag, an honest paper bag is placed on the floor (the bags that will be from Quizon City and Mandaluyong grocery stores). With arms behind their backs and balance on only one leg, contestants have to bend and lift the bag out of their mouths. Trim an inch from the bag after every round, and those who press, fall, or use body parts other than the mouth are finished. For a kick, add some chocolate or candies to the bag for a thrill and inspiration.

We recommend that you play this game Fluffy Effect.

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Suck and bust

Nothing beats a true classic. If you want to spark a romance or you are just looking for the most subtle way to get a holiday kiss, Suck and Blow is a tried and tested relay game that is usually a hit at most parties. Line your guests together and get a plastic card. Those using prepaid cards will do. The trick is to pass the card using only your lips (nap, no tongue, no teeth). The person leaving the card loses.

chubby bunny

Believe it: Bunny is some of the loveliest creatures who ever walked on this planet. If you ever want to look like one of them, then this is the game for you. In Chubby Bunny, players pop a piece of marshmallow into their mouth (without chewing or swallowing), then essentially calling “Chubby Bunny”. Players have to add one marshmallow after each round until only one player is left as a Chubby Bunny.

There have been some accidents during this game. Please use caution.

Blow balls (Crazy Games)

Line two rows of plastic cups with about seven to 10 cups on each row. Remember that all cups must be the same height. Fill the cup on a line (Row A) near the brim. On the second row (row B), fill the cup with different levels of water. Put ping-pong balls in all cups in Rove A. The balls in the town are to be shot in Roe A using their lame power in their respective cups. For added difficulty (and a bit more fun), arrange the cups in row B at different distances. Blow the Balls can be played in a relay, also for parties with more guests.

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Tipsy Statue Dance

We’re putting a little adult twist in this kiddie birthday game. After all the beer can start and maybe a shot or two of tequila. You know the rules: When the music plays, stop when there is a dance. As with most games, the fun is not in winning. It is in ridiculous dance moves when people can get inbuilt, as well as their efforts when in reality, their heads are spinning. Remember to take another shot between rounds.

Pinoy Hanyo (Crazy Games)

There is nothing like clean fun at a party for accountants and librarians. You can play it as a team, but it is better if you divide the group into two. The rules are simple and therefore material. A support person writes the subject on different slips of paper. A member of the team sits with his teammates and the assistant tapes the slip on his forehead for all but his (the player) to see. For two minutes, the selected member has to guess what the subject is by asking questions to his / her peers that can only be yes, no, or no.

Sheet ping pong (Crazy Games)

Get those beer pong balls and play some more for once. You do not need to have a table for a parlor game containing this resource. Get a bed sheet (or any other cloth), hold it to the edges, and put the ball in the middle. The rules are to rally until someone drops a ball at their end and loses a point. The game can be changed to fit more players depending on the size of the sheet.

Flip cup (Crazy Games)

This popular drink relay game is its most challenging challenge. The teams are arranged in a row in front of each other, with rows of beer in plastic cups between them. Two contestants at the end of the table. After consuming their drink, they have to place the cup on the edge of the table and flip it down with just one finger. Only until the player successfully reverses can the next player progress. The first team to win!

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Balloon relay (Crazy Games)

This game is great for large groups. Split yourself into two teams. Make sure that each team is the same, as you must partner. With your partner, from walk-and-side to the finish line, balancing a pair of balloons. Remember, no hands! Once you reach the end, walk backwards to the starting line! There, you and your partner have to pop balloons together. We repeat the cardinal rule: no hands! The next pair can only play if the preceding duo popped both balloons.