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This blog will introduce you to the Top 5 Assault Guns in BGMI today. Pick your favorite weapon and eliminate your in-game enemy. BGMI is a well-known popular battle royale game that was released following the complete removal of PUBG from the Indian server. The cause for the prohibition was valid, and the government and home ministry of India acted quickly. Because PUBG gamers were disappointed with their prior battle royale game, Indian developers decided to create their own battle royale game. On the arrival of BGMI, there were many similarities and some additional features added to the new Indian Battle royale title by the developers. 

Moreover, BGMI players received several fantastic in-game goods, including amazing Weapons, Skins, Characters, and much more, thanks to the amazing battleground. Indeed, these changes have driven BGMI’s collection while also making it the most popular battle royale title among many pro players.

Assault Gun in BGMI
Assault Gun in BGMI

Do you know what might provide your character the most power while playing? To learn more about it, continue reading.

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The Assault Gun in BGMI

If you are new then you should know this thing. Skins are considered as the power booster in the game for weapons but if you want to play like a pro then you should have to carry some amazing Assault Guns in BGMI. These guns will be going to assist you in surviving till the end of the match and can increase the chance of winning. To know the top Guns in BGMI, check out the list along with details below.  

List of 5 Best Assault Guns in BGMI 


 Assault Guns in BGMI

I have put this rifle in the first position because this rifle has a high capacity to deal with the damage of more than 47 HP. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use them in long-range combats but they will assist you amazingly in close combat. If you are supported with this rifle then you probably will not need any other weapon to deal with the opponents. The amazing part about this gun is, that you can store more than 30 bullets in it at once and then you can extend it by 40 while gameplay.  

2- AKM 

 Assault Guns in BGMI

You will don’t need to face any sort of difficulties while obtaining this rifle because this rifle can be obtained almost on every map of BGMI. If you landed on the battlefield and you don’t have any other weapon then you can pick this up easily. This is another gun on the list that can deal with up to 47 HP during the combats. This is very similar to GROZA because you can use it in Close range combat only. Unfortunately, this will not be going to rock in long-range combats.  

3- Beryl M762 

Beryl M762 

If you don’t have those rifles that I have mentioned above then you can pick this up because finding it is very easy. You can see many players using this gun on the battlefield. This gun can deal with more than 44 HP along with its fire rate of 11.6. before using this rifle, you will need to practice hard in the practice mode because handling the recoil is going to be very difficult for newbies.  

4- AUG A3 


Unfortunately, BGMI players will not be able to achieve this rifle over the battlefield. This is one of the most powerful airdrop guns. If you are supported with this rifle then you will be able to deal with more than 44 HP along with its firing rate of 11.6 per shoot.  

5- M416 

When it comes to weapons, this rifle is very common that is used by many players over the battlefield. This gun will need only 5.56 mm Bullets to be at work. While having close-range combat and using this rifle continuously, you can extend it by 40 from 30. rifle continuously, you can extend it by 40 from 30.  

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