Top 5 Cool Math Games You Should Play

Since coronoviruses have started to close many schools, restaurants and even churches, some people have a lot of time left on their hands. It has been recommended that ten or more gatherings be canceled due to growing concerns about the virus. People are being asked to stay at home and self-quarantine to prevent the risk of spreading or to contract the virus. It can be difficult for some people to entertain through this epidemic. If you like playing computer games then Cool Math Game is for you. Cool Math is suitable for any age and there are many different types of games as well as a variety of skill levels. Feel free to try any game when boredom strikes you next!

Image Credit: Coolmathgames

1. Run (Cool Math Games)

There are many series of this game. There are currently versions 1-3 on Cool Math each containing different maps and even different characters to compete with. Each level has different routes, ramps and walkways to get to the next level / entry way. The game is very addictive, each level also has fun colors.

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2. Hangman

This is a fun take on the classic. This game teaches spelling and vocabulary in a fun way. Cool Math offers different skill levels so that all ages can play. Cool Maths provide a category related to celebrities’ famous brands. All you have to do is guess the letter until you get the clue and if you lose the letter you lose.

3. Papa’s Cooking Games (Cool Math Games)

There are many different versions of this game, from cooking in pizzerias to pancakes. There is something for everyone with these games. In all the games you have four simple tasks. The tasks are to take orders, cook items, add toppings and deliver items. Each item is made based on how well you have followed the order. You will receive stars and tips to advance in the game. Some people like to get items wrong on the purpose of how the customer will react. The way you play this game is up to you.

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4. Fireboy and Watergirl

This game is to be played with a partner. The two will work together to unlock walls and push objects to reach the next level. The key to this game is teamwork. You get a grade at the end of each level, to see what level you and your partner can achieve because you are punctual. One tip of this game is to stay away from your partner’s lava if you fall and you have to start over. This game is what everyone has in mind.

5. Snake (Cool Math Games)

Snake is a tedious game that the longer you stay in this game, the harder it will be. The snake is the green block and the red block is the apple. Snakes have to eat apples to grow up. The aim of the game is to stay away from the edges and corners or the game is over. The snake moves faster and the longer it has to stay away from the corner or even fall by itself, ending the chasm. The more you play this game, the better.

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Even if you think Cool Math is old news, I really think you should try it. Play it for melancholy or even for new adventures. The games are fun and there is something for everyone on this site. If you are bored give Cool Math a chance. Who knows you’ll spend hours on it when you see how fun it is. Be safe even during this break.