Top 5 Hardest Missions In GTA

Grand Theft Auto is the most popular title in the open world genre. Here we will look at top 5 hardest missions in GTA.

Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games is among the most popular and successful franchises across all genres in the gaming industry history and at present. The title offers players missions to complete in open-world gameplay, not all missions are a piece of cake. Let’s take a look at the top 5 hardest missions in GTA.

RockstarGames have designed the title to be a masterpiece in both perspectives i.e., storyline and graphics. GTA offers a number of missions that players can complete and get rewards as well. Some of these available missions are easy and some of them are extremely difficult and take a lot of skill and time. And then there are some missions that are nearly impossible to complete without using cheats and mods.

List Of 5 Hardest Missions In GTA

5. Airplane Mission

Toughest Missions In GTA

Grand Theft Auto is the most realistic open-world game with almost every real-world adaptation coded into the virtual world. The real-world experience of controlling an aircraft is not an easy task nor is it in GTA missions. Rockstar Games has taken account of every real-world problem i.e. turbulence, extreme rainfall and bad lightning etc and added it to the missions. These factors make it one of the toughest missions in GTA.

4. Using A RC Helicopter

Have you wondered how hard it can be to control a Remote Control Helicopter not that hard in reality? But in a mission in the GTA Vice City developers tried to make the easiest task one of the toughest missions ie GTA history. Rockstar Games made the mission very complex and extremely difficult for players to pass. Every time players miss a single ring they get disqualified and have to start all over again.

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3. Motoracing Championships

One of the most challenging and toughest missions in GTA is the Motoracing Championship event which takes place in the stadium near the San Andreas beach in GTA San Andreas. If players can complete this mission they will get 25000 dollars as the prize money. However, the mission is not as easy as it sounds.

Players need to complete the race at a set amount of speed and do certain stunts in the meantime like Wheelies, Air backflip and more all while passing through rings within limited time and attempts.

2. Dancing In GTA-San Andreas Clubs

Hardest Missions In GTA
Hardest Missions In GTA

There is a mission is available in the GTA-San Andreas where Carl has to impress his girlfriend with his dance moves and use her to complete the next mission. At first, players might think it to be an easy mission however, it is not as it looks. Once the speed of the keys appearing increases it is hard to match with the tempo at the same time. Rockstar Games made us realise that dancing is not only tough in real life but it’s difficult in the game as well.

1. Escaping 5 Stars Crime: Hardest Missions In GTA

Hardest Missions In GTA

The toughest mission in GTA is the evasion of 5-star crime without using any cheats. In this mission, players need to kill a popular business tycoon after which the player will get a 5-star crime rating. Now players will need to escape the situation without using any cheats while staying alive at the same time. Rockstar Games have turned cheat codes off for this particular mission and players need to use their skills to complete this mission making it one of the hardest missions in Grand Theft Auto.

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