Top GTA 5 Addon Map Mods for FiveM Servers!  

The modding community for GTA 5 is devoted and constantly works to improve the game’s fundamental gameplay. The FiveM is among the best mods for the game so far. It is a mod that enables the development of custom multiplayer servers for use by players. Players can add additional map mods to the base map using the mod to give the multiplayer game something unique. It is extensive and practically unlimited, and participants are free to roleplay as whomever they choose. 

One might ponder which addon to test first, though, given the abundance of options. In light of that, let’s examine the five add-on map mods for FiveM servers that users ought to test. 

Try These FiveM Add-On Map Mods for GTA 5 

1- Harugahara 

The infamous Harugahara tune from the Assetto Corso video game now is experienced in the GTA 5 universe thanks to the hack made by kpowka. The entire route is incorporated into a mountain valley, which adds to the enjoyment of floating on the rocks. Additionally, the circuit appears to have both esses and abrupt corners. 

2- The Simpsons Hit & Run 

The Simpsons House, the Wiggum House, and other iconic places from the program are also accessible to players. The mod offers shortcuts just like the original does as well. The entire experience can be relieved by players. 

With the help of this mod, made by MrVicho13, the open world of Los Santos now has the whole level 1 of Homer from the venerable The Simpsons Hit & Run video game. Fans of the game will immediately recognize the level’s setting, which is Springfield’s vibrant suburbs. 

3- Driver’s Paradise Remastered 

The mod has gorgeous textures in every place, making them all appear very stunning. This covers deserts, ice, beaches, oceans, mountains, and more. All of these assist players in creating several racing categories based on the course, the time of day, the vehicles, and driving techniques. Races like sprints, circuits, drags, drifts, and off-road competitions are among the must-try events here. 

4- GoKart Map Mod 

With a go-kart, participants can compete in competitive races on compact, four-wheeled motorized vehicles. In addition to traditional Go-Kart racing, players can use the cars of their choice to participate in drifting, drag racing, sprint racing, and circuit racing. It enhances the whole Go-Kart racing experience that the mod is quite detailed. 

5- Le Mans Circuit 

This highly detailed mod was made by halfdead and has components that are comparable to the actual track. Players can now participate in this illustrious and historic track and make special memories with their friends in the GTA universe. 

For added immersion, the mod also includes a fully functional pit stop with operating gasoline pumps. Like the real thing, even the surrounding landscape is stunning. For any fan of racing, this is a must-try. 

These are the Top GTA 5 addon map mods for FiveM servers. Read everything but choose your favorite one to play for getting the most amazing GTA gaming experience.  

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