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Mythic Outfits

Outfits are incredible and may completely modify the appearance of your in-game avatar. In today’s blog, I’m going to tell you about several Mythic Outfits in Battleground Mobile India that every player can use to give their in-game character a unique and attractive look. The unique look is not just a look but also can grab many attentions on the battlefield. If you are a newbie then this blog will be going to be very useful for you. Check out the information given below.

Want to Give Your Character a Fresh Look?

Are you thinking about owning the mythic outfits in BGMI? Let me remind you that the opportunity of getting such Mythic Outfits via loot crates is not easy to obtain. Till now, only a few BGMI players are there who owned mythic outfits. If you are curious to know then you need to keep your attention to this blog this the end.  

There are so many players of virtual games including the pro players who are big dreamers. No one wants to be in just a small corner. Everyone has a desire to achieve big. There are so many items available in the in-game store that you can achieve in return for some in-game or virtual currency. When it comes to Mythic Outfits, players will not be able to achieve them directly by using the game store. Yes! Players will need to obtain it from the loot crates. Check out some Mythic Outfits that I have mentioned below.  

List of Top Mythic Outfits in BGMI 

1- Flower Queen Set 

Mythic Outfits
Flower Queen Set 

This outfit is available for the female in-game character which means, the male character can’t carry it. According to the sources, this Outfit is considered one of the most amazing outfits ever on the list of top BGMI outfits. There is a different kind of loot crates but this outfit can be obtained from a classic loot crate that you can purchase by spending 36 UC for the first time.  

2- Dark Widow Set 

Mythic Outfits
Dark Widow Set 

Many pro players are just crazy about this Dark Widow Set just because of the stunning look. If you want to obtain this set then you will need to have more UC in your gaming account in comparison to the Flower Queen Set. This outfit was prepared by the developers with a combination of two colors yellow and black. To obtain this outfit of BGMI, Players will need to purchase a custom crate that will cost you around 60 UC.  

3- Victorian Maiden Set 

Victorian Maiden Set 

Many players want to own the outfits like queens so that they can get the vibes like royale. You don’t need to be disappointed if you have the same dream. This outfit will give you a cool appearance like Victorian Era. Along with the royale look, it will also give you a little bit of texture of a School student that will help you to stay away from the crowd of common players. You can obtain these outfits by using a classic crate that will cost you around 36 UC.  

4- Will of Horus Set 

Will of Horus Set 

You will get this outfit with the combination of one cool in-game emote by which you can express your thoughts in front of opponents. This is another outfit on our list that can give you the amazing touch of a royale look. This outfit can be obtained by using a custom crate. Custom Crate can be bought by using 60 UC.  

5- Modern Lord Set 

Modern Lord Set 

There are so many players with different desires and of those players, some also want to get the finishing touch like a gentleman. This outfit will help you in owning the gentleman look with two different parts of the costume. Half part of the costume will be in different color and another part of the costume will be in another color. Players can grab these outfits by using a classic crate that they can purchase by spending 36 UC.

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