Tower of Doom – How to win and complete this mission.

Tower of Doom is a battle set in the Realm of Raven Court in the popular game Heroes of the Strom. The cores on Tower of Doom are protected by barriers that can’t be destroyed by Heroes. This make this game more popular and when anyone play Tower of Doom then mostly they stuck on this stage. If you also want to know about Tower of Doom then you are in the right place, just stick with this article and read complete information which given below.

Tower of Doom

Tower of Doom

This is a tower where you meet two masters of the dark art, which hold the Bell Towers and capture the Altars. In this tower you get three part – Protected cores, Altars, and the Bell Towers.

There are two masters of dark art and both are very powerfull they are at the Bell Tower and Altars. When you start fight then the Battleground event will activate for 3 minutes and you have to complete your objective in 3 minutes. If you able to do that then you win Tower of Doom.

Objective or mission of Tower of Doom

As you understand this is one of the tough and interesting missions in Heroes of Storm. If you love action game then this mission will win your heart. Your main objective in this game is you have to win Protected Cores. But the protected cores of Tower of Doomis cannot be attacked by Heroes. To win this part of lane of Doom you have to activate Altars.

As said earlier that Altars is another important part of Tower of Doom which will rise across the battlefield. To activate the Altars of Tower you must have to win the fight on Bell Towers. So, when you claim the Bell Towers and set your team for control then you can activate Altars and then you able to attack on protected cores and finally win the Tower of Doom.

Understand the map of Tower of Doom

In any game map play a vital role and the Towers of Doom features three lanes, which spread out to form a medium-size map. In most of the game you see small maps but in the map of this stage you can only feature one castle for each team, rather than the typical two. There are Altars which periodically activates triggering the map’s main objective.

The location of this Doom is between top and middle forts to each side and in the center on each side of bottom lane. Keep in mind that using this map you have to find all three lanes of Tower. Then capture the active Altars to deal damage to the enemy Core.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do you play Tower of Doom?

You have to find all three lanes in Tower of Doom and then you have to visit Bell tower to claim it by defeating the dark art Boss. After that you have to activate the Altar, after that you can win over the protected cores and you complete Tower of Doom mission.

  • How long is Tower of Doom?

According to main story the average time for Doom Tower is 1h 07 min. If you choose main and extras then time will 1hr 37 min. In all play styles the time become 1 hr and 25 min.

  • What are the objective of Tower of Doom?

To complete this mission you have three objective – Win over the protected cores, Activate Altars, and Claim the Bell Towers.


If you read all the information which given above then I think you understand everything about Tower of Doom. This is one of the interesting and tough mission and you need to complete it using all the features and weapons given. If this article helps you to win this mission then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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