Best tundra class cold war – How to get Tundra gun

Best Tundra class cold war is a name of gun, if you play Call of Duty then you can understand the excitement and madness which gamers experience and this Cold war game is one of the popular series of Call of Duty and Tundra is one of the powerful guns about which complete guide is given in this article and if you are in search of the best tundra in-class cold war game then you are in the right place just stick with this article until the end and read the whole guide to get solution of your problem. 

Best tundra class cold war

As we know that cold war is one of the popular series of call of duty and tundra is one of the most powerful guns of the cold war game which this gun win lots of hearts and if you are in search of some best tundra gun then a small guide is given below. 

LW3 Tundra is one of the most feared sniper rifles in Call of duty Black ops Cold war. With correct attachment and proper handling, it can obliterate a whole bunch of enemies. Here are two of the most popular builds which will triple your fun while sniping with LW3 Tundra.

Maximum Damage Tundra

For the muzzle, we will use stabilizer 308. You can also replace it with a Tiger Team spotlight. For maximum damage, we will use a 28.2″ Tiger Team. Although 26.5″ Hammer Forged has more damage, still 28.2″ Tiger Team is better. Next, we will use 7 RnD magazines for the bullets it provides.

For the handle, we will use Serpent Wrap rather than Airborne elastic wrap as Serpent Wrap resets the sniper quicker. Lastly, we will use a Marathon pad for stock.

For the Call of duty warzone, we will change muzzle to Wrapped Suppressor and barrel. 29.1″ Combat Recon

Quickscoping Tundra

 We are using a 28.2″ Tiger Team barrel. It comes with good damage and other perks but with the loss of one bullet from the magazine. For the body, we will use the Tiger Team spotlight. It is useful for target identification as it will highlight the enemy with a red dot above their head.

For the magazine, we will use 7 RnD magazines which give us 6 bullets after compensating for one bullet loss from the Tiger Team barrel. For the handle, we will use Serpent Wrap.

The final attachment is a Marathon pad from stock which increases our speed further. Steady aim laser can replace Tiger Team spotlight for close combat. Feel free to alter the attachments according to your playstyle as LW3 Tundra carries vast firepower that could be unleashed with suitable attachments.

How to unlock the Tundra gun in a cold war

If you want to play this cold war series of the game then soon you will understand why this Tundra gun is so popular and you able to unlock this gun by simply playing the game and reaching rank 25. You don’t have to pass any pesky challenges and no need to complete any difficult task you just have to reach rank 25 in this game and you can unlock and use the Tundra gun. 

You can increase the power of this gun by using some perks about which details are given below, and which is the best tundra gun in this game is also explained below. 

Perks That Goes With The Build

Perks are just a modifier featured in Call of Duty 4, and many other series of this game. These perks are passively affecting the gameplay, and allow further customization of classes. So, these perks will help you make your character and equipment more powerful, some of those perks which you need to make your best tundra in a class of call of duty are given below, use those perks with your tundra gun and make your COD game more interesting. 

Perk 1

Flak Jacket

Tactical mask

Perk 2






Tips To Improve Sniping

If you need some important tips to improve your sniping in the call of duty game then you need to keep some important tips in your mind, after which you can win this game very easily. 

● Warm-up your shots before going into your game.

● Have comfortable control of your character’s movement.

● Try to localize your shots to the center of your screen.

● Practical spawn trapping for a tactical approach.


If you reach this section then I think you read this article carefully and now you are ready to join the best tundra class cold war or best tundra gun in a cold war game, just keep in mind that you can use all the above instructions when you reach rank 25 in Cold War. So, if you think this article provides you complete information about the best tundra class cold war then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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