Umber Splashtail – Fish in Sea of Thieves & learn How to caught

Umber Splashtail is a species of fish you found in the Sea of a Thieves video game. This game provides you pirate experience in the game in which the player has to go sailing and fighting to explore and looting and try to complete all other missions. In the journey of completing that mission, you meet one of the famous characters of this game Umber Splashtail.

Umber Splashtail

The Umber is a species of fish you can catch in all areas of the ocean when you play this game, and this fish is a form of best consumable food, and you need to caught this fish in this game to feed your character.

In Sea of Thieves, you get five splashtails, and you can easily find all five variants in the ocean. You can catch those fish very easily in the game with bait on a hook. While splashtail may be easier to find, you will need to know what to look for if you want to catch them all.

If you are exclusively fishing for Splashtails, you make sure you are not using bait, and you are not fishing in a freshwater pond because you can catch these fish without bait, and you can be caught them where ponies are located.

Use of umber splashtail

This fish is one of the most important fish, but this fish gets huge popularity, as explained below.

  • You can cook this fish on the Ship’s stove or Campfires on Island in this game.
  • This fish can easily be eaten to regain lost health. Each fish can be eaten twice, and cooked fish give a health regeneration bonus.
  • You can also be sold these fish to Hunter’s call at Seaports for Gold and Reputation in this game. But keep in mind that half-eaten fish can’t be sold.

Types of umber splashtail

There are lots of variety of umber splashtail fish, and some of those fish are given below –

Ruby Splashtail

This is one of the basic variants of Splashtail fish, and it is not very difficult to catch one. These fish are very common, and their red skin makes them easily visible in a big group of fish. One regular raw Ruby Splashtail can be sold at 75 Gold at Seaports.

Sunny Splashtail

Sunny Splashtails are a common variant of Splashtails in Sea of Thieves. So, you can find them, and they are not as prevalent as Ruby. It is hard to confuse Ruby with other fish, and Sunny fish looks similar to Honey Islehoppers and Amber Plentifins.

This fish is thin yellow and in an elongated form. One regular raw Sunny Splashtail sells for 150 Gold at Seaports.

Indigo Splashtail

Indigo Splashtail is the Uncommon variant of Splashtail, and this means it can take a few casts before one shows up, or you could get it on your first cast; if you are lucky, then Indigo Splashtail are most easily caught fish, but that will only appear if you are fishing with bait then you find this fish in a more muted blue and elongated shape.

The Under Splashtail

The Under Splashtail is the rare variant of Splashtail fish, and this rare fish has an albino color palette, with palish-white pigment and pink fins and eyes making it more beautiful, and you can find this fish easily in the ocean. If you want a better chance of catching this fish, I recommend you fish with a larger crew then your chance will increase to catch this fish.

One regular raw Umber Splashtail sells for 375 Gold at Seaports.

Seafoam Splashtail

This is the night variant of Splashtail fish, meaning that you can catch this fish at night. This should be relatively common during that time, and you can easily find this fish in the ocean because you can detect bright green color in the water.

One regular raw Seafoam Splashtail sells for 150 Gold at Seaports.


If you reach this section, I think you read this article until the end, and now I think you understand everything about umber splashtail. Just keep in mind all the above fish is very important in this game. So, if you think this article provides you with complete information about umber splashtail, do not forget to share this article and leave your valuable comment below.


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