List of all GTA Vice City cheat codes for Android devices  

GTA vice city is one of the amazing action games in the gaming world. In this blog, am here to get you some cheat codes by which you can enhance the gaming experience. Through the codes that I mentioned below, you can make your game even more amusing. if you want to get GTA Vice City Android Cheats Codes then read the whole blog.

GTA Vice City Android Cheats

The GTA vice city and the Grand Theft Auto game played for almost 18 years and these games have been developed and also published by Rockstar North. Till now, these games have been the most adventurous game where players need to face so many challenges and compete with police officers and others.   

In the Grand Theft Auto series, the GTA vice city is the second 3D game played by so many players on PC even across the oceans. Previously, this game was played on personal computers but later, in 2013, Rockstar North has made this game run on smartphones also. Now you can play the GTA vice city game on your phones also. Look at the list below to get the amazing GTA vice city Android cheats codes that you can use on your Android device.  

GTA Cheats Codes

1- Cheat code- Aspirine   

Effects- Full Health  

2- Cheat code- preciousprotection   

Effects- Full Armor  

3- Cheat code- thugstools   

Effects- All Weapons Set 1  

4- Cheat code- professionaltools   

Effects- All Weapons Set 2  

5- Cheat code- nuttertools   

Effects- All Weapons Set 3  

6- Cheat code- icanttakeitanymore   

Effects- Kill own Character  

7- Cheat code- youwonttakemealive   

Effects- Raise Wanted Level  

8- Cheat code- leavemealone   

Effects- Lower Wanted Level  

9- Cheat code- greenlight   

Effects- All Green Traffic Lights  

10-Cheat code- chickswithguns   

Effects- Bikini Girls With Guns  

11- Cheat code- fannymagnet   

Effects- Fanny Magnet (female peds follow you)  

12- Cheat code- onspeed   

Effects- Faster Gameplay  

13- Cheat code- lifeispassingmeby   

Effects- Speed Up Time  

14- Cheat code- booooooring   

Effects- Slow Down Time  

15- Cheat code- fightfightfight   

Effects- Pedestrians Riot  

16- Cheat code- nobodylikesme   

Effects- Pedestrians Hate You  

17- Cheat code- ourgodgivenrighttobeararms   

Effects- Pedestrians Have Weapons  

18- Cheat code- godpower   

Effects- Pedestrians Carry Rocket Launchers  

19- Cheat code- chasestat   

Effects- Display Media Level Meter    

Guide to using GTA Vice City Android Cheats codes  

You need to remember that, for using the GTA vice city cheat codes, you need to have the keyboard. If you don’t have a keyboard on your Android device then you can follow the methods to use the keyboard in your device.   

1- you need to buy a USB or Bluetooth Keyboard.  

2- you can download the virtual keyboard from the Google Play Store.   

You just need to go for the Google Play store then search for the virtual keyboard through the search bar that you will get over the top of the screen. When you search it, you will get the install button that you need to click to have a keyboard on your device. You can easily use the cheat codes while playing the game.   

This simple guide will help you in using the GTA vice city android cheats codes. Pick the cheat codes and you in the game to make your game experience better.   

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