Kingdom Hearts III : Use Zettaflare Like Donald


    Zettaflare is a powerful magic spell used by Donald Duck at a pivotal point in Kingdom Hearts III. The moment gained notoriety among fans of Square Enix fans, as Donald’s use of the move made him the most powerful spell caster in the Final Fantasy canon, as not even the most powerful mage in the series, Bahamut, can use a move that powerful.


    At the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, Donald surprises everyone by casting Zettaflare, the most powerful spell in Square Enix history; who else has cast it?

    At the climax of Kingdom Hearts 3 in the Keyblade Graveyard, Donald pulls out all the stops and surprises everyone (both in game and out) by casting the Zettaflare spell. This firmly cements Donald as one of the most powerful black mages in Square Enix history, but he isn’t the only character to have cast this spell in the past. In fact, there are at least two other characters in the Square Enix cosmology that have been known to use this spell, making Donald the third and final caster so far to reach this level of absurd power.

    For those less familiar with Final Fantasy spells, Flare is typically one of the ultimate spells in any given game, alongside Holy and Ultima. Ultima is the strongest of the three, while Holy is restricted to white mages and Flare is restricted to black mages. That said, there are more powerful versions of Flare, such as Megaflare, and Gigaflare, which are likely more powerful than Ultima but cannot be cast by the player and are typically exclusive to extremely powerful enemies. For Kingdom Hearts 3, Donald to cast Zettaflare means that the spell is stronger than Megaflare, Gigaflare, and even Terraflare by quite a bit.

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    Donald Duck’s Zettaflare in Kingdom Hearts 3 (2019)

    Kingdom Hearts III : Use Zettaflare Like Donald

    Donald Duck uses Zettaflare in a fight with Terra while the latter is possessed by Zehnort, fondly referred to by fans as Terranort. At this point, Terranort has exhausted the entire cast of characters fighting for the light and is about to make a deal that will likely be a finishing blow to both Sora and Carrie. Goofy stops and defends Teranort’s attack, and while the villain is Hawaii, Donald begins to accuse him of his powerful magic. It seems that only Goofy and Mikki know what this mantra is, as both are very shocked and urge Donald not to cast it.

    Donald removes Zettaflair despite Goffy’s protests and completely annihilates Terranort, without saying anything. This proves to be extremely taxing for Shahi Dana, as he topples his servants and falls to the floor. It is later revealed that Terranort somehow survives the attack, but given that he is one of the strongest villains in the entire franchise, this is not entirely surprising. Terranort has the added advantage of having the knowledge and skills of both Terra and Xehanort all in one young body, so he is quite impressive to be able to defeat Donald.

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    Zettaflera in Bravely Defaults (2012)

    Prior to Donald Duck, the second user to cast Zettaflare (although in this game it was localized as Zeta Flare) was the final boss of Bravery Default. This utterly amazing game is a major spoiler for the entirety of the Bravely default, but at the end of the Bravely default, Agnes’s Crystal Fairy companion, Ari, reveals that she was wicked all along and just the ears and other warriors. Was guiding Prakash starts to do his bidding.

    Boss battles with Windy are incredibly difficult and take place in three stages and in three forms. Although the first two forms are seen in the air, taking on attractive and powerful figures, her final form returns to a fairy-like scene. In this form, his already formidable moves are expanded with the addition of Zettaflare, the most powerful spells in Bravely Default and the entire Square Enix library at that. This is easily enough to inflame most of the characters, and will severely injure those with maximum levels still on it. She dominates the enemies with her unique Adedia attack. With a default 2 bravely on the way, perhaps a fourth user will arrive.

    Zettaflare of Bahamut in Final Fantasy 14 (2010)

    Zettaflare’s first use, and perhaps the most appropriate demonstration of his power, came from Bahmut in Final Fantasy 14. Traditionally, Megaflure is Bahamut’s signature attack, and Bahamut himself is usually the strongest summon in any game, but in Final Fantasy 14, Bahamut overtakes it. In the amazingly animated Intro Cutscene for Final Fantasy 14: Living in a Realm, Bahamut breaks free of his bindings and bites Teraflare, who completely destroys the entirety of Erzia, who is later Referred to as disaster. It takes five years to rebuild people after destruction.

    Zetaflare is used by Bahamut in a special program version of his boss fight and is theoretically more powerful than Teraflare. This is notable because Terraflare’s disaster of Bahmut was in game clarification as a reboot of Final Fantasy 14, reborn as a realm, meaning the technology literally killed a video game and rebooted it altogether Forced to. Considering that Zetaflare has theoretically many dimensions that are stronger than the terraflare seen here, which actually puts Donald’s feats in the perspective of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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    How strong is zettaflare?

    Despite the fact that one of Zettaflare’s users, Erie, was able to completely destroy the alternate realities that other players represent in the game, there is a mathematical way of determining Zettaflare’s power. The naming convention of flare moves using mega moves, Giga, Tera, etc. is directly related to binary prefixes, which are used to describe things like harddrive space. A gigabyte is 1000 megabytes, and a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes, for example. Beyond terabytes, there are petabytes, exabytes, and zetabytes, each with 1000 of the previous one. This means that Zettaflare is equal to one sextillion flares, which will be written as one after 21 zeros. When compared to Teraflare which was used, it is 1 billion times stronger.

    Naturally, this level of power is difficult to understand, because the human mind can not only fully understand such a large number, but it just makes Donald’s feat more impressive. Frankly speaking, Donald Duck cast the most powerful spell in Square Enix history, and to Terranort’s credit, he was somehow able to survive it. That said, of course there is always artistic freedom involved, as if the power of these spells is actually enhanced in this way, anything from a simple megaflare or gigaflare, much less a teraflare or even a Zettaflare. Will not be able to escape. Nevertheless, in Final Fantasy the character of the enemy and the player are the same- whether such attacks occur from time to time.