Valorant Mobile: Release Date, News, Rumors 2021

Valorant Mobile: Release Date, News, Rumors

Valorant endings on mobiles may be accompanied by new strings of code being searched by dataminers. A mobile UI was also discovered last year suggesting that Riot could work on the mobile version of their popular competitor shooter. The idea of ​​playing multiplayer FPS titles was unrealistic in recent years with the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty coming on mobile devices.

Apex Legends is set to debut on mobile devices later this year, and there is no reason for the riots not to release Valorant on the mobile platform. Valorant on mobiles and consoles would be a great move for Riot, and with the hidden mobile UI in the game, this could be the case until it’s available to everyone.

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Valorant mobile code found by Data Minors

The riot has shown to be quite popular on Android and iOS, with the recent Teamfight Tactics and Legend of Runtra on the mobile platform. League of Legends had its own mobile version, released last year as Wild Rift, and is the only game Valorant to come to mobile users. Adaptation to Valorant is already very good, and we can expect Valorant on mobile in the next year or two.

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Valorant Mobile: Release Date, News, Rumors

Mobile control was discovered sometime in 2020, although control over the player’s UI may be due to its hybrid device. Mobile controls were discovered during the beta, but strings of code were discovered months after the game’s release, which suggests that Riot could actually work towards releasing Valorant on mobile devices. The game was specifically testing tactile controls, and the code strings were found from the game’s files, which attribute Datamine’s findings.

Additionally, codes pointing to the mobile version were also found when the Episode 2 patch (released in January 2021) was dataminded. The code includes words such as “mobile” and “range”, is likely to indicate a shooting range on a mobile app and more importantly confirms that there is a code for mobile and that it is possible to still work Used to be.

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Valorant mobile release date: When can I play it?

We may get bad news even earlier – you are not likely to play Valorant mobile any time soon. The game has also not been confirmed by the developers in Riot Games, so we still do not have a subtitle or a release year.

Valorant Mobile: Release Date, News, Rumors

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Valorant Is Also In The Works For Console

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Valorant on mobile works with console releases. But Riot has talked about ports in the past and mentioned that they will release the game on other platforms only if they feel good targeting precise on other input methods. In September 2020, Riot confirmed that they were still working on the console version of the game. Felipe Romero revealed in an interview with Eurogamer that in order to transfer the experience to other platforms without losing the essence of Valorant, all of these factors have to be taken into consideration.