How to Enter the Secret Cave in PUBG Vikendi? 

You’ve probably played PUBG several times and are well-versed in the game. Have you played all of PUBG’s maps? I believe that more than 30% of gamers are still unable to complete the previous maps. Don’t worry! When you complete all those previous maps then try to play with the amazing map that is going to mention in this blog. Here in this blog, am going to mention some important things about the Vikendi map that newbies or unaware players should know.  

The New Map: Vikendi Map

vikendi secret cave

I was watching a YouTube video of one of the professional PUBG players when I came upon the Vikendi Map, which I had never tried before. I’ve asked a lot of my friends about it, and they’re all saying the same thing. Many PUBG Players of PUBG are considering that this map can be the most amazing and adventurous that every player of PUBG should try. 

Vikendi has a unique theme when compared to the previous three. The zone is a remote vacation location in the Adriatic Sea’s northern reaches. In this 6×6 area, you can explore a large number of sites, including the Battleground Vikendi secret cave. The map has been available with both PUBG and its mobile edition for over a year. 

Guide of PUBG Vikendi Map 

Vikendi features routes concealed in woods, as well as the Mediterranean’s warm coast and a snowy mountain summit. The Launch site, Castle, Dino Park, Vinery, and Vikendi Hidden Cave PUBG Mobile are just a few of the noteworthy locales on the map. 

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How can you go to the Vikendi Secret Cave in PUBG? 

A little passage would be exposed after the rocks were cleaned. However, the Battleground Android Vikendi secret cave will be difficult to spot because the hole fits in nicely with the rock. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and the edge of a hill. Vikendi secret cave may be accessible in three different ways, but they are all blocked by boulders. The only method to get around those openings and onto the facility is to use an explosive or vehicle ramming to clear the rubble. 

There are many different kinds of loot, ranging from armors and weapons lying on top of the ground and containers to weapon upgrades and ammunition. The rows of red boxes that were intended to only be accessible via airdrops are the genuine prize in this Vikendi hidden cave PUBG Mobile. They contain high-quality equipment that will undoubtedly improve players’ chances of victory. 

If you pass the challenge you will win the prize.

Traveling towards this Battleground Vikendi secret cave is challenging enough, but reaching there when being attacked by other players is even more difficult. Although entering the cave first could be lucrative, it is occasionally preferable to wait until later and attack the looting players, stealing their equipment. Because of the high quality of the prize, whoever survives this contest will also have the best equipment. 

Which weapon to bring from the secret cave in PUBG Vikendi? 

There is a threat lurking behind its serene exterior. When traveling in this icy area, you’d leave footprints, making your whereabouts easy to track. While this is beneficial to both parties, those who are unaware of this truth will be unable to use it successfully. 

Due to the snow sections on Vikendi, driving would be more difficult — vehicles might be more difficult to treat due to the sliding ice. On this terrain, speed is slow, and you may lose track of the gear stick as the pace increases. Generally, it is preferable to travel in professional vehicles such as snowmobiles. The G36C is a hybrid assault weapon that can contain up to Forty shots, making it a one-of-a-kind weapon for this map.

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