What Does INB4 Actually Mean? A word decoding often seen on popular message boards


INB4 is an abbreviation that stands for:

in before.

This doesn’t explain much, and that’s because there is a definite way to use INB4 properly online. You can’t just stick anywhere in a sentence to change the words to “first” and hope that when you post it on social media everyone will know what you mean.

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How is INB4 used?

INB4 is not an abbreviation that you will see anywhere online. In fact, unless you’re a very active member (or at least a lurker) of a relatively popular online message board, chances are you’ll never have to question what INB4 means.

This is because INB4 is always used as part of a conversation, usually as someone else’s answer. This is why it is such a big trend on online message boards to start a discussion on every topic posted by the user, below it a thread of replies from other users is displayed.

Message board members typically use INB4 after a word or comment to predict a clear answer or action that someone else will almost undoubtedly say or do. In other words, when someone types INB4, they are getting “comments” from someone else.

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Saying “INB4” vs. “FIRST”

INB4 is comparable to the “first” trend seen on various social platforms. Users who coincidentally view their social feeds, as soon as they are so popular account that they follow the post new content is presented as the first commented and often to post the word “first” to all other Must be shown before comments. Started flooding.

INB4 works in the same way as “First,” but INB4 is always followed by a comment (while “First” is the only word users will type so they can post their comment as quickly as possible). See some examples below to see how INB4 actually works.

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INB4 examples in use

Example 1: Suppose a message board publishes a new topic of user discussion that goes against community rules and guidelines. It may include swear words or a link to an inappropriate website.

Before the message board moderators view and delete the subject, the user who does so may see that the thread’s answer may say something:

“INB4 mod removes it”

In this scenario, the user who replies with their INB4 comment is guessing the action. They can also reply only with INB4 b &, which is a term that many message board members use as an abbreviation for “before the ban,” which means posting the subject Users with will be banned.

Example 2: Suppose a message board user starts a new topic about how he came home after his dog completely ruined his computer. He explains the wreck he found before asking if it ever happened to anyone else.

After some users post their replies to the thread, a user decides to post the following:

“INB4 Doge Meme”

In this scenario, the user is speculating that someone will post the image of the dog mem as a joke.

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Where to use INB4

As mentioned earlier, INB4 is an abbreviation commonly used on message boards – particularly those where lots of nerds and geese hang. Think boards like 4chan, Reddit, YouTube and boards focused on geeky topics like gaming, computers, and information technology.

Chances are if you try to use INB4 on a message board with a community of health enthusiasts, brides, food or scrapbookers, the members will have no idea what you mean. It is an online abbreviation that occupies a special place on the web, and geek-focused message boards abound!

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