What Does ‘INB4’ Means?

INB4 (in before) can be used “to steal someone’s thunder” (ie, to grab pride for oneself) or “to beat someone up” (ie, skip an expected vengeance). In short, it means getting a response quickly before someone else does it.

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When I write INB4, I mean:


INB4 means getting in first.

Examples of INB4 in Sentence

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Here are examples of INB4 being used in sentences:

  • Tony: Did you watch Game of Thrones last night?
  • Jordan: Not yet
  • Person C: INB4 Jon Snow passed away.
  • Jordan: Thank you … no
  • Tony: 8 === D (What’s this?)
  • (Here, person C is attaining pride for himself.)
  • Tony: I’m making seafood pizza tonight.
  • Tony: INB4 Yes I know the last one made you sick.
  • Jordan: You know it!
  • (Here, person B is moving beyond the expected expectation.)
  • Academic look on INB4
  • INB4 is commonly used like a proverb of time which means “before you say anything”.

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Adverbs usually modify verbs. When INB4 is used, the verb is inferred. In absolute terms, a message starting with INB4 is saying x, before I say anything. In Cyber ​​Speak, it automatically appears:

INB4 x