What Does KEKW Mean in Twitch Chat?

  • The popular Twitch chat Emote KEKW began with a mix of the World of Victorian Mix and a Spanish video that went viral in mem culture.
  • This quote was popularized by xQC and AdmiralBulldog in 2019 and saw an increase in usage rates by 2020.
  • LUL and LULW are gradually being replaced by KEKW in terms of current usage and streamers are also implementing custom versions of Amot.

What Does KEKW Mean in Twitch Chat?

KEKW and Twitch chat are inseparable and if you have ever been to a Twitch stream, you are very likely to encounter others using it. Emotions, like many others on the stage, have their own history. Kappa, Residentslepper, and the controversial Pogchamp have similar stories, but we’ll get to them in another day.

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KEKW was born due to a famous Spanish video laughing in Twitch chat and was paired with World of Victor Slang. KEKW has become one of the most used emotions on twitch chat, let’s learn how.

You can watch the original video of comedian Juan Zoya Borja. The subtitles have been translated very easily but you will get an idea of ​​what both people are saying in Spanish. The famous “Spanish Laughing Man” by the way gives the reaction and laughter throughout the segment, which has made the video viral. Long before Imoach as KEKW was implemented on Twitch Chat, the mem creators used their own custom templates.

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What does KEKW mean in twitch chat?

KEKW is a Frankerface zot designed to represent laughter whenever something strange happens during the currents. It became one of the most popular emots of 2020 and is based on the previously mentioned El Risitas clip. If you are familiar with LULW, this is essentially a different version of LOL, but a W is attached at the end.

KEKW has a similar story, with the three-letter word being the Korean equivalent of LOL. In World of Warcraft, if you write LOL to a player of the opposing faction, it is transferred as KEK. So if you are from the Alliance and type LOL to a hoard player, they will see KEK in chat and vice versa. W is used at the end to make exaggerated versions of citations on Twitch (LUL and LULW, for example).

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How did KEKW become popular on twitch chat?

The general consensus is that the sentiment became popular on some Twitch channels such as XQC and Admiral Bulldog which prevented its use. LUL was one of the most popular emotions but KEKW is slowly growing with its usage. Streamers have started adopting Emote with unique variants as part of their Subscriber Emotions and there are other versions of Emotion showing including KEKWOW and KEKWhat.