What Does Means of Chimkandi ?

  • The meaning of chimkandi is Yam in English.
  • Yam is sort of starchy and edible tuber frequently taken as vegetable.
  • This Yam plant is a climber which is more frequently grown in tropical and subtropical areas.
  • This Yam is otherwise called as North American sweet potato.
  • Eating provides large amount of calories as it is rich in starch.
What Does Means of Chimkandi ?
What Does Means of Chimkandi ?

What Does Means of Chimkandi ?

Ever since I entered the gaming industry, people have had various questions about who I am. Some people could not stop talking about my life inside and outside the game.

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Most of you know me as one of the largest free fire content creators in Indian gaming. In this article, I will disclose the things that many of you always wanted to know about me.

Q. Who is Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming?

A: I am one of the largest gaming content manufacturers in India. I like to play games.

Q: How did Total Gaming gain interest in this area?

A: I was not into gaming as a child, but I once saw a boy in my office playing free fire. Since then, I started getting interested in sports.

I also watched a lot of videos on Free Fire, which encouraged me to start a YouTube channel.

Q: What does Total Gaming do besides gaming?

A: I work as a growth hacker.

Q: Which social media handles in total gaming?

A: I use Instagram (@totalgaming_official), Facebook (@Total Gaming), and Youtube (Total Gaming).

Q: What is the real name of Total Gaming?

A: My real name is Ajay. I do not want to reveal my last name.

Q: What is the reason behind your in-game name AjjuBhai94?

A: I got my name “Ajju Bhai” from the film Welcome Back.

Q: What is your role in your competitive lineup?

A: I own the team and also serve as the 5th player of my team.

Q: What did Total Gaming do during its school days?

A: I was a good student and chose science as my subject for higher education.

Q: Where does Total Gaming live?

A: I live in Gujarat.

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Q: Which is your favorite Indian free fire moment?

A: I don’t have such a favorite moment. Almost every month there is a new wonder game.

Q: On which stage do you like to play free fire?

A: I used to play only on PC before, but now moved to the mobile version due to the competitive side of the game.

Q: What is Total Gaming Freefire ID?

A: My free fire ID is 451012596, and IGN is ajjubhai94.

Q: Where can I buy total gaming merchandise?

A: I have not yet launched my merchandise, but plan to do it in the future.

Q: Where does Total Gaming see itself in five years?

A: I haven’t thought much about the future. Gaming in India is still in its early days. I play Free Fire but would love to expand to other titles in the future.

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Q: What questions do fans ask you the most and what is the answer to it?

A: Fans are always eager to know when I will reveal my face. I want to tell you that I can only reveal my face after 3 or 4 years.