What Does RN Mean in Internet Slang?

What Does RN Mean in Internet Slang?

Whether you are reading tweets on Twitter or texting with your BFF, you are bound to see someone using RN sooner or later. Here is all you need to know about this relatively popular acquaintance.

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RN Meaning:

Right Now

It’s just that easy. RN refers to the present moment – not yesterday, or tomorrow, or an hour before or five minutes from now. It means okay now!

How is RN used

RN is used to help describe anything that is currently happening. This may include:

  • Current events or situations
  • Current thoughts or feelings
  • Current action or behavior
  • Present need or want
  • Current environmental conditions

The current event (or thought, feeling, etc.) is usually described first, and then follows directly after the RN. Unlike other popular formulations such as IDTS, HRU, WYM, and others, RN is rarely used as a standalone phrase and almost always serves as an additional piece of information following a statement.

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RN when to use

Despite its popularity, RN is an abbreviation that is not really necessary to use. For example, consider the fact that there is not much difference in saying something, such as “it is raining” and “it is raining.” You can most likely assume that it was still raining, even though the RN was not finally dealt with.

RN is about adding emphasis rather than giving additional information. Most people can already find out that you are talking about something that is happening in the present moment (unless you specifically describe it as having happened in the past or as Expected to be in the future), so RN does nothing, but insist here right now.

Take another look at the four examples above, but this time, the excuse is that RN is not. You would still assume that these events were currently happening. The additional addition of RN highlights this fact.

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To know about other time periods

RN is used to emphasize what is happening at a given moment, but there are other abbreviations that you can use as other time periods as well. Here are the ones that are worth knowing about:

  • Tmrw: Tomorrow – Like “I’m not going to work tmrw.”
  • Uday: Yesterday – Like “Uday was so funny.”
  • Yr: Year – like “It’s been 2 years since I’ve visited this place.”
  • Mth or Mo.: Month for the plural – for example “We are moving away from the next mnth” or “I broke up with him 6 months ago.”
  • Wk .: Week – Like “They are calling for the next wk rain.”
  • W / E: Weekend – like “I’m free on W / E if I want to go out.”
  • Hr: Hour – for example “Meet me at our table in the coffee shop in 3 hours.”
  • Min: Minutes – Like “Give me 5 minutes to get my things together.”
  • Sec: Second – for example “I’ll be there in a second.”