What is DNYS Course, how to do complete information?

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you what is DNYS Course DNYS Career scope after doing DNYS course, so today I will tell you in full details.

What is DNYS Course

Friends, in today’s time everyone wants that he should be mentally and physically healthy. Today every country and every government is doing many things to make its health department stronger. The herbs that are present in our nature can cure our very complex diseases and cure many diseases which are difficult to cure.

Friends, nowadays people started using allopathic medicines very less because some side effects started happening due to allopathic medicines, due to which their body gets damaged even more.

Therefore, in today’s time, there are very good opportunities in naturopathy because this field is not very developed yet and a lot of research is yet to be done in this area, a lot of work is yet to be done, so the youth will get a very good opportunity in this field.

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Friends, treatment by Naturopathy becomes cheap and effective because their medicines do not have any side effects and they take effect very quickly.

The government of our country is doing a lot of work in this area so that people come to this area and find new things in this area so that our health department becomes stronger.

Today the government is conducting many courses related to this field so that people do these courses and know about this field and work well in this field and make their future.  Today I will tell you about one such course related to this field, by which you can go into this field and this course is a very famous course.

What is DNYS Course

Before going to any field, it is very important for us to take the information of that area, if we have the information about that area then we can work very well in that area and can learn a lot quickly. Now I will give you complete information about what is DNYS course.

The full form of DNYS is Diploma in Naturopathy and yoga science.

In DNYS course you are taught to cure diseases by natural method. In this course, you are told about the herbs present in nature by which you can treat.

In this course, you are told about the science of yoga, in this you are told all the asanas and pranayama related to yoga.  In this course you are given all the information related to Yoga.

The DNYS course is of 2 years, after the completion of your academy studies, you are doing training for 6 months, then only after that you get the certificate of this course.  You do not have to take any entrance exam to take admission in this course.

Eligibility For DNYS

To do any course, you need some eligibility, in the same way you need some educational qualification to do this post as well, now I will give you complete information about educational qualifications for DNYS course.

To do DNYS course, you have to pass 12th examination from any recognized board with 50% marks.

DNYS Course Syllabus

Now I will give you complete information about DNYS course syllabus so that you can know which topics are taught in this course which will help you a lot.

  1. Introduction of yoga- meaning and definition of yoga and objective of yoga
  2. Type of yoga
  3. Life sketch of  ancient contemporary Yogies
  4. Introduction of contemporary Yoga Institute of India
  5. Massage therapy 
  6. Practical paper
  7. Environment sanitation
  8. Health laws of food

DNYS Course Fees

Medical field courses are very expensive but this course is not so expensive, for this course you can take ₹ 10000 ₹ 50000 per year, if you have enrolled in a government college, then this course will cost you very little. will be done.

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Best college For DNYS Course in India

Friends, DNYS course is a very famous course, due to which it is conducted in many states and many cities. But when you enroll for this course, first of all check that college because if you have taken admission in a bad college somewhere, your money will go away as well as your time, that’s why before enrolling in that college. Get good information about

Now I will give you the list of best college for DNYS course in India.

  • Banaras hindu university
  • Bharti vidyapith
  • Ayush hospital and research centre
  • Gujrat Ayurveda university
  • National college of health science
  • Swami  Vivekanand institute of management
  • Jain vishav bharti university
  • Bareilly college

 All this college is one of the most famous college in our country from where you can do dnys course. 

Career scope in DNYS Course

Friends, after doing dnys course in today’s time, you will get a lot of scope from where you can do a good job and earn a lot of money.

Friends, this field is progressing very fast because the biggest thing with natural treatment is that the treatment is very simple and effective and there is no side effect of its medicines, due to this this area is very It is progressing rapidly and there is a lot of work to be done in this field too, due to this there are many opportunities for the youth in this field today.


Now I will give you a list of some areas where you can get a job after doing this course.

  • Hospital
  • Ayurvedic research center
  • Government health and wellness center
  • Fitness center

Apart from this, one can become a dnys course teacher in any medical college.  Apart from this, you can open your own medical center and start your own yoga classes.


After doing this course, you can get salary from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 30000 per month in the beginning, but as you give your time and experience in this field, your salary also increases as much as you get ₹ 50000 to ₹ 60000 per month can be found.

If you started your own medical center or yoga classes, then you can earn more than this, just you have to work hard in this field.


Friends, in this article, I have provided you all the small and big information about diploma in naturopathy and yoga science (dnys course) such as

  • What is DNYS course
  • Eligibility for dnys course
  • DNYS course syllabus course
  • DNYS course fees
  • Best college for dnys course
  • Career scope in dnys course

How much salary do you get after doing this course, all this small and big information, I have given you in this article. 

It is my endeavor that I can provide you all the information so that you can go to that field and work well and make a good future for yourself.  If you still have any question related to this course then you can ask us by commenting.

How do you like our article, also tell us by commenting and if you want to give any suggestion related to our article, then you can tell us by commenting.  Your suggestion is very important for us.